With over 30 years of experience, covering a wide range of industry sectors with many differing security needs, we have extensive experience in dealing with client security requirements and are proud to say that ProCare’s security record is second to none, the reasons for this are many fold:

  • Our operatives are interviewed in their own home prior to commencement of any work with us. They are all also obliged to provide us with ID’s and paperwork providing proof of residence and entitlement to work in the EU.
  • Each operative deposits their own money, again prior to commencing any work, (this is termed as the Security Bond), as a guarantee of performance. This sum of money is potentially forfeit in the event of any security concerns.
  • Our operatives are paid 80% of your monthly billing, far in excess of the industry norm of 50-60% giving us well motivated and well rewarded operatives. This provides an operative with a vested interest in maintaining security of your site and a much lower than average turnover of cleaners. The ability to know who is on your site while you are not is key to providing a service with which you feel confident and secure.
  • The average length of service of our operatives is 7 years and growing. This gives us and our clients trustworthy, reliable, and regular cleaners, avoiding operative changes at the last minute, and further peace of mind to our clients. In our experience this has proved invaluable as cleaners recognise regular members of staff and are able to report any out of the ordinary situations.
  • When security is a concern Confidentiality Documents provide an additional layer of security.
  • If your site needs photo ID this can also be arranged.
  • Any keys, alarm fobs to your site are never identified in any way, so even were they to be misplaced there is no way to identify your premises.
  • Alarm codes and door codes are never written down where they would be accessible to any unauthorised personnel.
  • In the unlikely even of an alarm being triggered or problem with locks our operative will remain onsite until your premises are secured.
  • In the event of a break in our operatives will ensure that the relevant authorities are informed and will stay onsite until released and assured that the premises will be secured by the same.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what one of our clients Maureen McGill of Christy Carpets has to say.

“Since moving ten years ago we have been fortunate to have Ray and Sylvia as our office cleaners as they are honest, reliable, and hard working. As a woman working late, which occasionally happens, I am very happy to have them in the building.”

So, no matter what your specific security requirements are, ProCare are more than able and willing to satisfy them.
Procare carry out thorough security checks on all their cleaning contractors giving peace of mind to their customers.


One other item related to security is that ProCare ensure all their contractors are issued with a tabard or polo shirt which clearly identifies them as a Procare cleaning contractor.
Examples of these uniforms are shown below.

Procare Office Cleaning Contractors Uniforms