School / Nursery Advantage


VAT Advantage


As an educational facility you are unable to reclaim any VAT that you are charged so selecting ProCare to provide your cleaning service could result in an annual saving of 20% on your cleaning costs.  As a management company, we invoice on behalf of our self-employed cleaners, most of whom are not registered for VAT, meaning that we will not add VAT to the price quoted to you. This is a substantial saving which is achieved without any compromise to quality, or the money received by the cleaners.


What We Do


ProCare specialise in cleaning small to medium sized schools and nurseries, ranging from around 500 to 20,000 square feet. We are happy to provide a service on any level of frequency to suit your requirements, be it 1 day or 7 days per week.


Why We Do It


A clean environment is vital to ensure the health and safety of children in your care. Additionally, of course the environment in which you and your colleagues spend many hours of your week is of prime importance. Every employer has a duty of care for their staff, and a clean and sanitary workplace is an important element of their overall wellbeing.


Understanding Your Cleaning Needs


To ensure we fully understand your cleaning needs and requirements, we carry out a full site survey of your facility and audit your current cleaning regime. This is followed up with a free, no obligation personalised cleaning proposal tailored to your requirements and containing a full and comprehensive cleaning programme.


Providing High Quality Cleaning Operatives


If our proposal is accepted, we must then be sure to allocate the correct people to your premises, matching the best operatives to the demands of the work involved. Each operative is interviewed before they are allowed on to any site, so that we may establish their capabilities and attitudes, as well as their identity. Once they have passed the interview stage, they must also lodge a performance bond with us, so that their commitment to providing a first class service can be demonstrated.


Providing Excellent Customer Service


Regular contact with our clients is a fundamental part of our business as it provides a gateway for feedback between both parties. You will have a dedicated support team who will keep in contact with you regularly and who you can contact whenever you need. This allows us to check in with you and talk to you about the service being provided, whilst ensuring that our high standards are being maintained and that you are fully satisfied.


Our services are provided at competitive rates, so if you would like a no obligation quotation, please contact your nearest ProCare Office.