Performance Bond


Before they can work with us, all potential cleaners are carefully screened, vetted and interviewed; this helps us to establish their capabilities, attitudes, and identity. Once selected, they must invest their own money to ensure your complete satisfaction. This can be up to 4 times your monthly billing. We call this a 'Performance Bond' because it can be forfeited if you cancel due to poor service. It is your guarantee of good cleaning, consistently and a very high standard of work.


We are often asked why cleaners would place this performance bond. The answer is simple; it is because they are rewarded to a greater degree, as they receive around 80% of your monthly billing, instead of the 60% paid by most cleaning companies.


Motivation is the key to providing a good, reliable service, especially in the cleaning industry where cleaners are often expected to carry out dirty, undesirable work, usually during unsociable hours. However, because cleaners are usually poorly paid, it is not surprising that they become de-motivated and develop a ‘care less’ attitude.


By comparison, ProCare operatives receive around 80% of the fee paid by a client, which means they are more adequately paid and therefore better motivated to provide a consistently good level of service.


ProCare are proud to have delivered an excellent service over the last 45 years; we continue to provide committed, well rewarded operatives who provide exceptional cleaning services at competitive rates.