Contract Office Cleaning TUPE Issues

The main aim of the T.U.P.E. regulations, is to protect the employment rights of individuals when the company they work for is sold or the contract they are employed to work on is lost by their employer. In simple terms, it allows them to transfer over to the new incoming service provider on the same employment terms and conditions as they already enjoy.

This is a situation which is often encountered when companies want to change their cleaning service provider, and one which some find confusing if the main reason for the change of supplier had been the poor performance of the incumbent operative. As it would be reasonable to expect that a change of company would also mean a change of the actual cleaning operative.

However, because the aim of these regulations is to guarantee the continued employment of the operative this may not happen. So they usually end up with the same cleaners that actually caused them to look to change in the first place because it is forced upon them by the TUPE regulations.

However the innovative ProCare system can sometimes overcome this situation which can lead to a much more satisfactory resolution. For more information please read our article TUPE regulation’s impact on commercial cleaning management.

The regulations are complex, so to find out more, contact your local ProCare office to arrange an exploratory, no obligation consultation.