Office Cleaning Contractor’s Performance Bond

The cleaning industry has, over the years, acquired a poor reputation for itself by failing to provide consistent standards. ProCare have addressed this issue with the introduction of their innovative PERFORMANCE BOND.

Before they even pick up a duster our cleaners have to place a financial bond with us, as a guarantee that they are prepared to provide consistent high quality cleaning.

This bond, which may be forfeited in the event of poor service, therefore removes the barriers to good service traditionally associated with contract cleaning companies, and ensures you receive the service you expect.

Why would cleaning contractors do this?

  • Because they receive far better job satisfaction, as they are given responsibility for on site service.
  • Because they receive a far greater financial reward. They actually receive around 80% of the money you pay, which is a far greater incentive than the minimum wage normally paid.

What does this mean for your office cleaning?

  • Consistent level of high quality cleaning.
  • A cost effective service
  • The security of a professional management organisation.

Committed, well rewarded people providing a great service at a competitive price, is what ProCare has delivered for over 30 years.

Andrew Farrow MD of ProCare Home Counties explains how the Performance Bond works in this video.

Please follow this link to see a transcript the Performance Bond video.

Please click on the image below to download a copy of our Performance Bond.

Procare Performance Bond Image 300