Cleaning Contractor Patrick McAleer’s Story

I have been a Procare Contractor for 20 years. Prior to answering an ad in my local paper for self employed cleaners I had been working on building sites. This was fine during the summer but after a particularly freezing winter I decided that the building trade was a young mans game, and began to look for an opportunity away from the building trade, which would not cost too much to set up.

I arranged a meeting with the Procare contracts manager, who explained the system – Jackie Miller was thorough and clear, making sure I understood what was expected and the monetary commitment necessary.

I decided to take on a cleaning contract and Jackie guided me through the specification for the contract I had been offered. Initially I worked part-time as a Procare contractor, but as time went by and only minor problems arose, I became a full time contractor relying totally on the income from my contracts. Things can’t always go smoothly, but problems bring an edge to work and sharpens one up. I can’t afford to be complacent when responsible for the appearance of my clients offices.

Over the years I have had health issues with cancer, but have managed to keep my contracts and Procare have always been very supportive. I have learned not to fret over small things and keep my energy for family and work. I have been fortunate to have stable work which has given me a good life. My relationship with Procare is based on mutual respect, I know they believe me if I say I have done something which has been queried by the client.

I work 50-60 hours per week, which has provided me with my everyday living as well as putting my three daughters through university, and having the opportunity for regular family holidays, just recently staying in Canada.

I now have 15 contracts, which I clean with the help of 2 part-time ladies. I like to be hands on so make a regular visit to check the standard. If I don’t clean a contract personally.

Patrick McAleer. Procare Contractor Bedford