Cleaning Contractor Robert Artingstall’s Story

In April 2004 I had the good fortune to spot an advertisement in my local paper for Cleaners to own and run their own cleaning contracts. This sounded just the sort of opportunity I had been looking for.

Up to the time I had been working 15 years for a large international food company. I had been given lots of training and reached a managerial position, but I really wanted to branch out on my own and work for myself.

I reckoned I knew enough about cleanliness and hygiene to make a good cleaner and took the first steps to becoming a self-employed Procare contractor.For the next year Procare obtained cleaning contracts for me and my business began to grow. In the second year I took on a business partner but unfortunately that did not work out – the relationship went sour and by 2006 came to an end.

I believe to be successful in any business you have to be prepared to give that little bit extra, which I have always done, so it was very disappointing to have to start again, but I still had the support of Procare and in August 2006 I started as City Cleaners.

Things seemed to be on the up. Procare obtained work for me which they managed and left me free to concentrate on the cleaning of my clients’ premises. I built up my business once again and by February 2011 had 8 contracts.

Fate intervened and a recurring back problem meant I had to stop work.

This is where Procare became invaluable. Their manager went out of her way to either sell my contracts for me or make sure they were well looked after. Brenda* was fantastic, she saved the business and I got a lot of my investment returned.

*(Brenda Wernet Midlands Area Sales Manager)

In August 2011, after 6 months I started working again. With Procare and Brenda’s help I felt confident enough to try again. It is early days but I am pacing myself and making headway. It is refreshing to be working with a company who really care about people. I have been shown empathy and been given help from the Managing Director down.

I have not known such professionalism linked to genuine concern in any previous work situation.

Robert ArtingstallProcare Contractor