The Importance of Cleaning the Office Kitchen Sink

Dirty Office Kitchen SinkMost offices have a kitchen area for the use of the employees. It’s obvious that this is just as important to keep clean as every other part of the office, yet this does not always happen.

In reality though you might be surprised at how important it is to stay ahead of this part of the office cleaning routine. According to research, the kitchen sink in particular can have more germs present in it than the average toilet. This will shock many people as you would think a toilet would be more prone to being covered in bacteria than the humble sink.

Part of the regular cleaning routine

Those offices that have a regular cleaning team coming in to make sure their premises are perfectly clean and tidy should make sure their kitchen space is included in the regular cleaning routine.

“This research shows how unsafe an office kitchen can be if it is left to fester over time,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “There is no reason why an office sink should be a haven for germs if it is cleaned regularly. However it is perhaps more prone to accumulating germs than a sink at home would be. This is because of the greater number of people who might use it during the average day and also pay less attention to spills than they would at home.”

This is one area where the saying ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ definitely does not apply!