How Quickly Can Bacteria Multiply in an Office Environment?

Cleaning Office DeskWe all know the importance of regular office cleaning. However you might be surprised at how quickly bacteria can multiply when they are given the chance to do so.

Disinfecting surfaces gets rid of the vast majority of bacteria that might be living there. However, for every day a surface isn’t cleaned, the bacteria can multiply by up to 31%. Just imagine the number of bacteria that could be present after a week if it is left untouched.

This gives a lot of credence to the idea of having office spaces cleaned on a daily basis, as a spokesperson from Procare Cleaning confirmed. “Many of our clients have discovered just how vital it is to opt for daily office cleaning processes,” they said. “If surfaces are cleaned every day, the number of bacteria present can be vastly reduced. Skimping on services and having a small office cleaned weekly has a knock-on effect on the degree of illness experienced by those in the office.”

Indeed, one survey found as many as 98% of those questioned had experienced contagious diseases as a result of working in places that were not as clean as they should be. It is quite a sobering thought to realise the office you are working in could be making you ill.

With up to 31% more bacteria present tomorrow than there is today if an office is left uncleaned, you can see that protecting staff and keeping a clean environment is very important indeed.