How Long Can Germs Live on Office Surfaces?

Dirty Office DeskTake a look around the average office space and you would assume the desks are clean. This would be particularly true if they were kept tidy on a daily basis.

However what you see is not always what you get. It is a fact that some germs are able to live on surfaces that are dry (such as office desks for example) for several hours before they die. In this time there is the potential for many people to pick them up on their hands and transfer them to other places. This includes the presence of salmonella bacteria – a common cause of stomach bugs and upsets. Walk into the average office bathroom and the length of time germs can survive there is even longer at several days.

In short, even if your office space looks clean, it may not be. This is why daily cleaning by a professional cleaning team is recommended.

Investing in good health

“Companies that invest in daily office cleaning by a team of professionals might notice improved health among their employees,” said a spokesperson for ProCare Cleaning. “Obviously, if the incidence of germs on desks can be reduced by using professional products, this can lead to better health among all those working there. Good hygiene comes into it as well, but by using professional cleaning products the presence of germs in their millions on office desks can be wiped out – quite literally.”

How clean are your office desks, even when they look good to the naked eye?