Nursery School Cleaning

With 30 years’ experience in the industry, we provide professional cleaning services to many schools and nurseries.

Due to the nature of your business , maintaining a high level of health and safety standards is of the utmost importance, our cleaners are aware of this and will work methodically and with care. We understand that reliability is just as important as the standard of cleaning, which is why we pride ourselves on providing both. Whether it is the school hall, a classroom, a gym, toilet, kitchen or the cafeteria that needs cleaning, we have the means to do it. Our reliable cleaners work rigorously to ensure school and nursery hygiene meets government standards, and to ensure that no sickness bugs and germs spread through the school or nursery.

Once our initial site survey is complete, we will then work with you to agree a cost effective plan. Our tailored, no obligation cleaning proposals are guaranteed to meet the exact requirements of your day nursery or school. Our quotation includes the cost of all equipment and materials. We also operate a unique ‘Performance Bond’ which ensures you receive the service you expect – first class and trouble free. Gone are the days of relying on your own nursery staff to clean, let ProCare take care of everything and never worry about managing staff or holiday cover again.

An additional benefit of using ProCare is our amazing VAT advantage which could save you money on your cleaning costs. We are aware, that you cannot reclaim any of your VAT you are charged, so please note that we will not charge you any VAT. As we are a management company, we are able to invoice on behalf of the operative onsite, meaning we are able to issue invoices without VAT being added so could save your company 20%!

Contact us today on 020 8578 1890 for a free site survey and quotation of your nursery.