Why it Pays to Use Procare

Last month, an Eastbourne cleaning company made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  In December, the BBC reported how staff working for Express Construction Cleaning had claimed that they were owed £30,000 in unpaid wages.

It is understood that around 30 people had approached the Citizens Advice Bureau with complaints relating to non payment.  Twelve complaints escalated to employment tribunals which had ordered the cleaning company to compensate its staff.  The employment tribunals also made rulings against the company for wrongful dismissal.

One member of staff commented on how the firm’s actions had ‘ruined his life’:  “The constant bouncing of cheques and the no response at all – it plays on your mind night and day.”

Despite the claims, Express Construction Cleaning’s company director, Alfred Marku, believes that his company has done nothing wrong.  He said: “The only time we would deduct pay from a cleaner is if the work is up to a very unacceptable standard.  There is absolutely no way that Express Construction Cleaning would ever exploit cleaners or use them in any way to benefit ourselves.”

Procare Cleaning Management takes a different approach to its financial obligations.  Our team of dedicated and skilled cleaning contractors are asked to deposit a financial bond for every contract that’s awarded to them.

Procare’s unique Performance Bond scheme delivers results for both the customer and the contractor.  This financial commitment ensures that a high quality , reliable service is delivered because in return the cleaning contractor is not only paid on time, but they also receives a higher than average payment for their work.  (They receive around 80% of the money paid by the customer).

This tried and tested method has resulted in Procare becoming one of UK’s leading and long established cleaning firms with contractors who have remained with us for many years.