Why Get Rid of Dust in the Office?

Office Cleaner DustingNo one likes dusty surfaces. They certainly don’t look good in the office, especially not if you’re trying to convey a professional image. However whilst it is aesthetically advisable to make sure surfaces are dusted on a regular basis, it becomes even more important when you realise what dust is comprised of.

According to research, around 70% of dust particles are actually made up of skin flakes that we naturally shed throughout the day. It certainly makes you look at dust in a different way, doesn’t it?

What’s more, the more people you have working in a office, the more dust is likely to build up across that workspace. Unless you have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you effectively asking your staff to work in the dead skin of their colleagues, a very unhygienic environment.

“When you realise what dust is made of, it puts a whole new spin on the importance of cleaning,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “By putting a regular cleaning schedule into place you can vastly cut down the amount of dead skin cells in your office space. This is the best way to keep the workspace healthy and attractive for workers to use each day. You may not see the skin cells but they are definitely there – and as we now know, they comprise the majority of all the dust you can see.”