The Two Most Common Places to Find Germs in an Office

Messy OfficeWe all know germs can spread rapidly in an office environment. This is particularly true with open plan offices, where there is little opportunity for germs to become isolated in separate areas.

There are many places for germs to lurk, but the two most common areas are revealed below.

Keyboard and Mouse

Modern offices mean computers and plenty of them, and with them come keyboards and mice. The more regularly a keyboard is used, the more common it is to find lots of germs lingering on and under the keys. Even good hygiene habits won’t prevent this from occurring, so it is a good idea to make sure it is cleaned on a regular basis.

The Desktop

It is very common to eat lunch while working at your desk. Even if you do head out at lunchtime you will probably still have tea or coffee and perhaps a snack at your desk from time to time. This all increases the chances of welcoming germs and bacteria to breed – especially when you consider the odds of other employees coming up to your desk and spreading their germs too.

Regular office cleaning services can prevent a germ build up

Regular office cleaning is paramount if you want to ensure office germs are kept to a bare minimum. Cleaning once a week should be the minimum, but offices with plenty of employees will likely benefit from a daily clean once the working day is over. This is the best way to keep the germs at bay.

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