The Procare Performance Bond Explained; Video Transcript

Andrew Farrow MD of ProCare Home Counties explains how the Performance Bond works in this video. Transcript below.

Hello my name is Andrew Farrow and I run ProCare Cleaning in the Home Counties.

I want to tell you the main reasons why our clients choose us and stay with us.

Our contractors invest four times your monthly billing as a performance bond and a security bond.

This is held the whole time a contract runs and is forfeited if the contract is ever lost through bad cleaning, through fault or any breach of security.

This ensures you have somebody on-site who has a vested interest in ensuring standards are maintained.

Why would they do this?

Our contractors receive approximately 80% of what you pay, this compares with roughly 50% if they were working for a conventional cleaning company.

So you get somebody on-site who is well rewarded as a financial incentive to ensure standards are maintained.

Thank you very much for listening to me today.