How Clean is Your Office Desk?

Eating At Work DeskMost office workers will be aware their computer keyboards and mice can be hot-houses when it comes to germs. However in the drive to ensure this type of equipment stays clean, it can be all too easy to forget the desk itself.

“An office desk can be a haven for germs,” said a spokesman on behalf of Procare Cleaning. “However many office cleaning companies focus on cleaning the office equipment we all use and ignore the desks themselves.”

Modern working lives mean many people end up eating their lunch while they work. Even snacking at your desk can lead to germs building up throughout the day, let alone the week. So even if your keyboard, mouse and phone are cleaned regularly, you still need to focus on cleaning that desktop on a regular basis.

It is recommended this should be done daily if you eat lunch or snack regularly at your desk. This will help reduce the amount of microbes and bacteria gradually multiplying there. The ideal product to use is something that guarantees it kills 99.9% of known germs. Some people keep a packet of wipes in their top drawer for spot cleaning between visits by the office cleaning company. This is ideal for a quick clean after every lunch you eat.

Many offices are of course quite clean since they are tended to regularly. However in the absence of such a service things are not so good!

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Regular Phone Cleaning Can Reduce Office Sickness Levels

Dirty Office TelephoneGerms can sweep through an office in a matter of hours if they are given the chance. While regular office cleaning can help prevent the spread of germs, it is important to make sure the right areas are being cleaned on a daily basis. This is particularly important if people are sharing computers and other equipment.

However while computer keyboards can harbour germs so they can infect plenty of people within a short period of time, telephones are often the dirtiest items in any office. Many people use them and they are lifted up to the face and mouth, which means we can ingest bacteria without even realising it.

Reducing the instance of sickness

“Telephones may not always look dirty but there can be thousands of bacteria multiplying on the average office phone without anyone realising,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning. “If people wait until the phones look a bit grubby before cleaning them, the chances are they will already have spread bacteria among the entire office. It only takes a couple of people to use the phone and catch that bacteria to then start spreading it among others.”

Clearly regular phone cleaning should be part of any office cleaning protocol. By disinfecting and deodorising the phones every day, the amount of bacteria that is allowed to multiply on the phones will vastly decrease. This could help prevent many workers in the office from falling ill, and in turn the business can stay productive and keep on running.

Good Office Hygiene & Cleaning Prevents the Spread of Norovirus

Norovirus Public Health England

Click To Download Public Health England Norovirus Advice Leaflet

If you work in an office you’ll likely have heard about the dreaded norovirus at one time or another. This is also called the winter vomiting bug and it comes on suddenly and is very unpleasant for the 24 to 48 hours you are affected by it. It also spreads fast and people can be contagious before they even realise they are ill. Unfortunately you can also get it during the summer, not just in the winter, despite the name.

As such it is easy to see how a whole office and indeed small business could be wiped out as one by one people start coming down with this virus.

So how can it be stopped?

“Regular commercial office cleaning can certainly help limit the spread of the virus,” a spokesman for Procare Cleaning said. “Keeping all surfaces clean means there is less chance of the virus being able to survive outside the body and infect other people. Given that you can be contagious even before you fall ill, there is a window of opportunity for the virus to spread from one person to another.”

Good personal hygiene at all times can also mean the office space stays far cleaner for longer. By using hand sanitizers regularly it is possible to avoid getting the illness from other people before they fall ill.

As such, while office cleaning can help reduce the instance of norovirus affecting the office population, it is a great idea for everyone in the office to practise good hygiene at all times as well.

Why Regular Disinfecting is Vitally Important for Office Health

Office Disinfection CleaningProper office cleaning procedures are important for all kinds of reasons. Not only do they ensure an office space is kept clean and tidy, they also ensure the workforce stays healthy. There is a clear correlation between clean workplaces and the number of workers there who experience illness of some kind.

One survey found that a huge 98% of workers in office spaces catch either minor or more severe illnesses that are contagious. A big factor in this is the level of cleanliness in the office. If the cleaning procedures are not as effective as they should be, the workers in that space will be likely to fall ill more often than they would otherwise do. Absences from work cost our economy huge sums of money every year, and many of those sick days are caused by workers catching infections from each other as a result of a lack of cleanliness.

For example, did you know that a surface that is not regularly cleaned and disinfected is likely see an increase in bacteria present by around 31% each day! That’s a significant increase in bacteria leading to a similar increase in the potential for infection of other workers who touch those same surfaces.

“It’s clear that a failure to disinfect work surfaces could potentially lead to more instances of illness within a workforce,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “That’s why it is worth investing in a high-quality cleaning service, because in doing so you could save a lot of money by reducing sick days each year.”

Why Get Rid of Dust in the Office?

Office Cleaner DustingNo one likes dusty surfaces. They certainly don’t look good in the office, especially not if you’re trying to convey a professional image. However whilst it is aesthetically advisable to make sure surfaces are dusted on a regular basis, it becomes even more important when you realise what dust is comprised of.

According to research, around 70% of dust particles are actually made up of skin flakes that we naturally shed throughout the day. It certainly makes you look at dust in a different way, doesn’t it?

What’s more, the more people you have working in a office, the more dust is likely to build up across that workspace. Unless you have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you effectively asking your staff to work in the dead skin of their colleagues, a very unhygienic environment.

“When you realise what dust is made of, it puts a whole new spin on the importance of cleaning,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “By putting a regular cleaning schedule into place you can vastly cut down the amount of dead skin cells in your office space. This is the best way to keep the workspace healthy and attractive for workers to use each day. You may not see the skin cells but they are definitely there – and as we now know, they comprise the majority of all the dust you can see.”

Is Your Computer Mouse, Dirtier Than The Office Toilet?

Dirty Computer MouseWe’ve heard plenty about how dirty and unhygienic computer keyboards are. So much so in fact that you may now be viewing yours with suspicion. Yet it’s not just your keyboard you need to worry about. Your computer mouse can be almost as dirty as that keyboard, according to research.

Few people would touch their toilet seat without washing their hands thoroughly afterwards. However research has found that the average computer mouse actually carries around three times as much bacteria as the average toilet seat. One exploration of this topic found 1676 microbes on every square inch of the average office mouse. In contrast toilet seats usually have around 49 microbes per square inch. We clean these regularly for obvious reasons, and yet a computer mouse seems so much more innocent than this, doesn’t it?

“One survey found only 3% of offices do a satisfactory job of cleaning their office equipment,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “This shows just how important it is to hire the right cleaning team to keep an office clean and healthy for everyone working there. If this doesn’t happen, the likelihood of germs and bugs being passed from one person to another on a regular basis becomes ever more likely.”

With a recent survey showing as many as one-third of people neglecting to wash their hands after using the toilet, it stands to reason computer mice can be at risk of harbouring and spreading some nasty germs on a daily basis.

Regular Office Cleaning Essential When Workers Eat at Their Desks

Eating At Work DeskLast year a poll by phone company O2 found nearly 16 million office workers never took a full lunch break. Furthermore the push to save money has, for many of us, led to more instances of packed lunches being taken into the office. According to the BBC TV programme “Back In Time For Dinner” this trend started in the 1980’s when Marks and Spencer created the first pre packaged sandwich (salmon and tomato incidentally).

This has helped lead to a perfect storm of many millions of workers eating lunch at their desks every day. Another piece of research seemed to back this up, revealing that around 60% of workers choose to eat lunch at their desk – some while continuing to work.

While this means few get a proper breather and a break from work at lunchtime to recharge their batteries. There are other concerns too. It’s not hard to find statistics pointing to how unhygienic office desks and equipment can be.

Eating food at your desk merely reinforces the chance of working with a dirty keyboard and mouse. Crumbs can and will get caught up in the keys and if workers have sticky fingers they can transfer tiny amounts of food or grease over to their keys and mouse too. If these aren’t cleaned they can lead to bacteria multiplying and potentially making workers ill.

“Good office cleanliness is essential if offices are to reduce their current rates of sickness,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “There are some instances where the main office space may be cleaned but the service does not extend to cleaning all the office equipment. This would need to be done daily in order to prevent these ‘lunchtime germs’ from affecting the health of those working in that space.”

Professionalism Separates the Good from the Best Office Cleaners

Cleaning a Small OfficeMany businesses nowadays hire an office cleaning team to help ensure their business premises always look and feel their best. However it is important to note there can be a big difference between the good cleaning companies and the very best ones.

Many companies consider the options for office cleaners on price alone. This is understandable – after all most businesses have a cleaning budget to stick to and in our experience want to minimise this cost. If they can get the services they want for a good price it makes sense to do so.

However the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ also holds true in the cleaning industry. What separates ProCare from other office cleaning companies is that we will arrange a free site visit and personalised cleaning proposal to ensure you get exactly the cleaning you want for the budget you can afford.

Excellence and high standards in cleaning at all times

In addition we vet all our office cleaning operatives to make sure that have the right capabilities, attitude and personal appearance to ensure that they do a great job for you. It is also backed by a Performance Bond which ensures it is in the cleaners interests to deliver excellence.

“We’ve all had the experience of working in an area that is less than clean,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning. “We know what it’s like to work surrounded by a messy desk space. Compare that with the feeling of sitting down at a desk that is clean, tidy and fresh and you’ll experience the difference. When a company hires a professional cleaning company that always insists on the best possible results, every worker and visitor for that company will benefit. That’s a powerful difference to be aware of.”

Office Cleaning – Not Just The Benefit Of Employees

Clean Office Reception AreaThe vast majority of office buildings have a reception area of some kind. This may be on the same floor or downstairs, depending on the size of the business concerned. However the reception area is the first port of call for everyone visiting that particular business, and as such it has a highly important role to play as it creates the first impression that visitors have of your business.

As such it is imperative for that business to remember the importance of hiring proper office cleaning services. There are many to choose from – so many in fact it would be easy to assume they would all be much the same. However there can be a big difference between average services and the truly outstanding ones such as those offered by ProCare.

If a business wants to make an excellent first impression every time, it is important to make sure it hires the best cleaning team it can find and afford. One of the things to look for is a personalised office cleaning proposal. This is essential element because demonstrates that the office cleaners have taken time to understand your specific needs and requirements of your business. For example whilst cleaning the office areas once per week might be sufficient the  reception area and possible customer meeting rooms might need more attention and hence it may be prudent to ensure they are cleaned more frequently.

“We all form an instant impression of a venue or business depending on the reception area and the people we find there,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning. “Regular cleaning can help ensure that first impression is always a good one. Our office cleaners will always discuss your specific needs with you and create a personalised cleaning plan for your business.”

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Office Cleaning That Focuses On Forgotten Areas

Office Photocopiers Need Regular CleaningA recent online article about office cleaning highlighted the many areas of the average office where germs can be harboured and bacteria can be transferred from one worker to another. It focused on the areas that many people don’t think about, including door frames and handles.

Open-plan offices are said to be more hazardous to health than individual office spaces. A larger area shared by more people would rely on everyone taking steps to stay clean and to wash their hands regularly. However even individual offices are not without their problems. Even when someone keeps their own office clean, the door frame and handle can be touched by many other people throughout the course of the week.

Indeed, any common areas used by all staff members will be affected in a similar way. This is why the photocopier tends to be rife with bacteria, since it is not cleaned regularly and is used by a variety of people every day.

Regular office cleaning can help reduce bacteria

“When you start thinking about the situation it is quite surprising how many bacteria are around – and where you can find them,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “Research has indicated that open-plan offices have a higher degree of worker illness cropping up than individual offices. However there is a lot that can be done to minimise the odds of illnesses doing the rounds.”

Procare’s regular office cleaning processes will always take in communal areas and surfaces such as door frames, handles and photocopiers. Is this happening in your office space? If not contact your nearest office to arrange a free site visit and quotation today.