Regular Phone Cleaning Can Reduce Office Sickness Levels

Dirty Office TelephoneGerms can sweep through an office in a matter of hours if they are given the chance. While regular office cleaning can help prevent the spread of germs, it is important to make sure the right areas are being cleaned on a daily basis. This is particularly important if people are sharing computers and other equipment.

However while computer keyboards can harbour germs so they can infect plenty of people within a short period of time, telephones are often the dirtiest items in any office. Many people use them and they are lifted up to the face and mouth, which means we can ingest bacteria without even realising it.

Reducing the instance of sickness

“Telephones may not always look dirty but there can be thousands of bacteria multiplying on the average office phone without anyone realising,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning. “If people wait until the phones look a bit grubby before cleaning them, the chances are they will already have spread bacteria among the entire office. It only takes a couple of people to use the phone and catch that bacteria to then start spreading it among others.”

Clearly regular phone cleaning should be part of any office cleaning protocol. By disinfecting and deodorising the phones every day, the amount of bacteria that is allowed to multiply on the phones will vastly decrease. This could help prevent many workers in the office from falling ill, and in turn the business can stay productive and keep on running.