Regular Office Cleaning Essential When Workers Eat at Their Desks

Eating At Work DeskLast year a poll by phone company O2 found nearly 16 million office workers never took a full lunch break. Furthermore the push to save money has, for many of us, led to more instances of packed lunches being taken into the office. According to the BBC TV programme “Back In Time For Dinner” this trend started in the 1980’s when Marks and Spencer created the first pre packaged sandwich (salmon and tomato incidentally).

This has helped lead to a perfect storm of many millions of workers eating lunch at their desks every day. Another piece of research seemed to back this up, revealing that around 60% of workers choose to eat lunch at their desk – some while continuing to work.

While this means few get a proper breather and a break from work at lunchtime to recharge their batteries. There are other concerns too. It’s not hard to find statistics pointing to how unhygienic office desks and equipment can be.

Eating food at your desk merely reinforces the chance of working with a dirty keyboard and mouse. Crumbs can and will get caught up in the keys and if workers have sticky fingers they can transfer tiny amounts of food or grease over to their keys and mouse too. If these aren’t cleaned they can lead to bacteria multiplying and potentially making workers ill.

“Good office cleanliness is essential if offices are to reduce their current rates of sickness,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “There are some instances where the main office space may be cleaned but the service does not extend to cleaning all the office equipment. This would need to be done daily in order to prevent these ‘lunchtime germs’ from affecting the health of those working in that space.”