ProCare Cleaning Management Ltd Announce Acquisition Of Omega Cleaning Contracts.

ProCare Cleaning Management Ltdare very excited to announce the  recent acquisition of Omega Cleaning Contracts.

Over the last few years ProCare has been working closely with  Omega, sharing information, contacts, and suppliers and the natural  progression was seen to be the amalgamation of Omega into the Procare family. As  such effective from January 2013 Omega commenced trading under the ProCare  banner.

ProCare  and Omega management felt that this would offer their clients, cleaning operatives and suppliers  a wider sphere of influence and has the potential to provide them with a much more stable framework with  which to approach 2013 and also the  coming years. During times of uncertainty, such as those currently being  witnessed, a wider customer base sees a much more stable company that has  the potential to offer more employment to their areas and allows the company to grow at a rate that would  not otherwise have been possible or that would have taken a considerably longer amount of time to otherwise  achieve.

It is  felt that this is a very positive step and Alex Heighington (MD for  Omega) states that this …”will provide more stability and opportunities for both my operatives and  clients”.

Not only will it provide more stability to  former Omega clients and cleaning  operatives, but it has also allowed ProCare to expand into  areas where previously they had little or no  presence.

Alan Hart (MD for ProCare South East) says: “In today’s  world efficiency and cost management are crucial to business success, this  amalgamation has delivered on both fronts and has made ProCare  stronger as a result. Cooperation and respect has made this possible and we  plan to use this to move forward and become even more successful and offer an  ever improving service to both existing clients and future prospective  clients.”