New Measures Called for to Tackle Untreatable Superbugs

Doctors SurgeryWe have all heard about the prevalence of superbugs in hospitals, most notably MRSA, in recent times. However it would appear there are more bugs taking hold and causing real problems for healthcare facilities across the world. While recent reports have concentrated on problems in the USA, the threat is by no means restricted to America.

The Chief Medical Office in England, Professor Dame Sally Davies, has pointed out the “catastrophic threat” presented to us by these superbugs is not one that can be ignored. She even went as far as to say there was a real concern we would go back to the health system similar in nature to the one present in the “early 19th century”.

Too many antibiotics

It has been thought for some time that antibiotics are too frequently prescribed to patients, leading to them becoming almost useless as our bodies get used to them. Furthermore, there have been few new developments of antibiotics in the past few years, so we will be unable to tackle diseases as successfully as we have done in the past.

The importance of cleanliness

Cleanliness is vital in helping to prevent the spread of bugs like these, especially in clinical surroundings. However, cleanliness in all places is vital if we want to stop bugs from spreading from one person to another.

That’s why ProCare provide sanitary and cleaning services for medical institutions and many other locations, to help in the fight against superbugs. These services meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

ProCare may not be able to create new antibiotics, but we can help you to prevent the spread of infection on a daily basis. Contact us today for more information.