Looking For A Cleaning Contractor? Chose The Golidlocks Company!

The “Goldilocks zone” in the solar system has been discussed at length for over 40 years, for a planet to sustain life, it can not be to close or to far from the sun, not too hot, not to cold.

Cleaning companies similarly fall in to several categories which all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The large cleaning companies have the advantage of National coverage but some see them as impersonal and far more interested in large cleaning contracts.

The small local cleaning company has the advantage of being on your doorstep but sometimes finds organising holiday & sickness cover difficult, and their range of additional services offered may be limited.

We feel Procare falls in the middle. We don’t spread ourselves too thinly and we have plenty of contractors in each of the areas we cover.

We work with local contractors often a husband and wife team, so will have on average 6 contractors in each town we work in.  Our contractors stay with us because they like the way we operate so if we are successful in obtaining your business, you will get a contractor who is known to us and we know is reliable.

We are not looking for National Contracts or really large contracts employing more than 7 cleaners so you can be confident no other client will be given priority over your requirements.

Two types of contracts we are particularly successful with are medical; doctors, dentists etc (due to our VAT advantage) and professional offices; accountants, solicitors etc because they like several aspects of the way we operate regarding security and confidentiality.

Our core business is SME’s, with their needs ranging from cleaning once a week to every day. With over 1500 satisfied clients we ar proud of the service we offer.

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