Is Your Computer Mouse, Dirtier Than The Office Toilet?

Dirty Computer MouseWe’ve heard plenty about how dirty and unhygienic computer keyboards are. So much so in fact that you may now be viewing yours with suspicion. Yet it’s not just your keyboard you need to worry about. Your computer mouse can be almost as dirty as that keyboard, according to research.

Few people would touch their toilet seat without washing their hands thoroughly afterwards. However research has found that the average computer mouse actually carries around three times as much bacteria as the average toilet seat. One exploration of this topic found 1676 microbes on every square inch of the average office mouse. In contrast toilet seats usually have around 49 microbes per square inch. We clean these regularly for obvious reasons, and yet a computer mouse seems so much more innocent than this, doesn’t it?

“One survey found only 3% of offices do a satisfactory job of cleaning their office equipment,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “This shows just how important it is to hire the right cleaning team to keep an office clean and healthy for everyone working there. If this doesn’t happen, the likelihood of germs and bugs being passed from one person to another on a regular basis becomes ever more likely.”

With a recent survey showing as many as one-third of people neglecting to wash their hands after using the toilet, it stands to reason computer mice can be at risk of harbouring and spreading some nasty germs on a daily basis.