How Safe is Your Office?

Dirty KeyboardWhen we talk about safety with regard to working in an office, it’s easy to assume we’re talking about potential hazards such as tripping over cables or using faulty equipment. However a lack of cleaning can bring up many more hazards than these, even if they are largely unseen.

It’s not simply a question of vacuuming the floors either. It is imperative that essential equipment such as keyboards and phones are cleaned regularly too. According to statistics there are far more bacteria present on an office desk than there are on the average toilet seat – well over 400 times more in fact.

Furthermore there is the popular activity of eating lunch at our desks to consider. Many of us do this without cleaning our desks or our hands before or afterwards. We then transfer germs and food particles onto the phone, our computer keys and elsewhere too.

If desks were disinfected properly and regularly this action alone would get rid of 99.9% of germs. Since this reduces the odds of falling ill, it has a positive knock-on effect in terms of employee retention, rather than having people off sick all the time.

Regular cleaning is an essential part of a safe and healthy office space

“Most businesses are aware of the impact they incur when employees are off sick,” said a spokesman for ProCare Cleaning. “Yet there is a very simple solution. If regular office cleaning takes place to ensure desks and equipment are kept clean, not to mention other areas of the office as well, the business will benefit in many ways – as will its employees.”