How Do Small and Large Offices Differ With Regard to Cleaning?

Cleaning a Small Office It’s clear that an office with only three or four employees differs markedly to one that holds twenty, thirty or even more employees. As such it should not come as a surprise to learn that offices vary in terms of cleaning as well.

Larger numbers of people lead to more dust. It might sound uncomfortable but a most dust is created by dead skin cells. Plus there is the other detritus humans leave behind. It stands to reason then that the more people there are the more heavy duty the cleaning needs to be.

Larger office spaces often have more desks, more equipment and more areas where dust is likely to accumulate. However this is not always the case; small office areas can lack storage and so become cluttered and untidy creating more dust and dirt accumulation too.

So the size of your offices alone is not the only determinant to the amount of cleaning time required. ProCare offer a free review, cleaning plan and quotation.

Whatever the size of your offices it’s clear that a regular cleaner can make a significant difference to how appealing and comfortable the workspace is. If you invest in a regular cleaner from our company you can be sure your office will always look and feel at its very cleanest. This will have a positive impact on your employee’s efficiency and motivation and also create a good impression on visitors.

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