Healthcare Industry Calls for Professionals to Clean Up Hygiene Standards

Results of a recent poll concluded that the training of office cleaning staff is of paramount importance when it comes to standards of hygiene in healthcare institutions.

The survey, conducted by cleaning products and machinery distributor, Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, shows that over half of industry workers interviewed, believe that highly trained cleaning staff will assist in improving levels of sanitisation.

Additionally, in November last year, 1000 NHS nurses and healthcare assistants were surveyed on cleaning in the workplace.  It was discovered that many had cleaned toilets and mopped floors within the last 12 months despite having no formal training or guidance on the use of products and tools.

Andrew Jones, President of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals, believes that every team should include a dedicated cleaner,  who can be made responsible for ensuring that best practice is always followed and that standards of quality and hygiene are always met and maintained.

Procare Cleaning Management has a long and successful history of providing highly trained and specialist cleaners to the healthcare industry.

All Procare cleaners work to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) national specification for cleanliness standards and will work closely with surgery staff to ensure cleaning routines are followed and assist with the implementation of a suitable cleaning plan.  Procare also provides a full range of washroom and sanitary services that meet UK requirements.

Our operatives are dedicated team players who are carefully interviewed and selected for their skills and expertise before being accepted.

Prior to any contract commencing, cleaners are asked to deposit a ‘performance bond’, (a financial commitment)  which is their guarantee that they will provide a professional, reliable and dedicated service to their customers, because in the unlikely event of poor practice, this bond could be forfeit.