Essential Areas to Be Cleaned in Every Office

Messy OfficeFew offices are as clean as they should be, according to plenty of research done into this topic. The statistics gleaned from office environments and research around the world claim there are four vital 0ffice areas that demand proper cleaning. These are the keyboard, the telephone, the surface of the desk and the computer mouse.

Additional research has supported this through the fact there are countless more germs on the average phone than they are on a toilet seat. For any business that wishes to reduce the amount of sickness and time off experienced by employees, the act of cleaning these four areas daily will help achieve that aim.

E.coli is just one type of bacteria to be found in workplaces

Worryingly enough, E.coli is not the only harmful bacteria that has regularly been found in the workplace. Staph infections can also easily be contracted in these situations.

A spokesman for Procare Cleaning had this to say about the facts: “It is not surprising there is a high possibility for lots of bacteria to be found on these particular items within the office environment. However it is perhaps surprising to some business owners that reducing the level of sickness in their business could be as simple as having their offices properly cleaned every single day.”

Certainly the positive effect on productivity and wellbeing could more than make up for the investment made in a regular office cleaning service in the first place. It could definitely have a transformative effect.