Could FDA Restrictions on Cleaning Products Harm Lives?

Cleaned Doctor SurgeryThis was the news coming from the American Cleaning Institute recently. It made a presentation to a branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning restrictions to the use of antibacterial ingredients in cleaning products. When used in healthcare situations these products provide excellent hygienic surfaces and are known to reduce the number of infections in healthcare environments.

Their concerns were made evident to the Non-prescription Drugs Advisory Committee, otherwise referred to as NDAC. The FDA is apparently set to propose changes to the rules that pertain to the use of antibacterial products used in the healthcare sector next year. It is believed that the FDA has made recommendations and announcements in the past that haven’t brought into play the entire range of information available to them in this area. Those in the industry think there could be severe consequences in terms of infections and health if products used in this area are watered-down and made weaker.

“I can sympathise with those working in the cleaning industry in America,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “We know how important it is to use the right cleaning products in every situation. Furthermore we recognise that it is important to keep surfaces clean and free from bacteria in both Surgery and Office Cleaning situations. If this is not the case – perhaps because the best products end up being banned or watered-down – infections are more likely to occur. This will create more problems in the future as a result.”