Commercial Green Cleaning

There are a variety of green products now available for commercial cleaning. With many UK businesses ‘going green’, commercial cleaning companies that use eco products or ‘green cleaning’ practices (cleaning for health while protecting the environment) may soon have an advantage over their competitors.

One key advantage of eco products is that they use volatile organic compound (VOC) alternatives. When some US offices were tested after regular commercial office cleaning, they contained high levels of VOCs, which can impact upon respiratory health. Always using the directed minimal concentration of traditional cleaning solutions is very important in helping to reduce VOC production.

Sky Cleaning Products, Capital Green and Ecoflower are available for lighter jobs, such as all-purpose cleaning and kitchen degreasers. Prochem offer carpet cleaning products that are phosphate, dye and EDTA free. These also contain natural fragrances such as eucalyptus and lemongrass.
Probably the major concern within the commercial cleaning world is that as of yet, environmentally friendly cleaning products cannot match the extensive range of heavy duty solutions available. Also, there is no green replacement for chlorine, although it may be that chlorine products make cleaning easier rather than better.

Finally, the additional costs of eco products may need to be passed on to clients. This makes it very difficult for a commercial cleaning company to agree on the financial viability of offering commercial green cleaning.