ProCare now Registered with Practice Index

Cleaned Doctor SurgeryProCare have recently registered as a recommended supplier for Practice Index, the one stop shop for practice managers to source all their requirements from printer paper to cleaning contractors.

This further establishes our long relationship and speciality with doctors’ and dental surgeries. We feel that by securing this recommendation we will be able to further demonstrate our committment to providing first rate cleaning services and cost savings to this market place.

Casino Cleaners Choose Mobile Vacuums for Ease of Cleaning

Casino CleaningFinding the right cleaning equipment to use in each client situation is always important. This was shown recently when the cleaning team at a casino in Seattle, America chose a different type of vacuum to help them get the job done more easily.

The Snoqualmie Casino never closes, which means the cleaners cannot arrive when the place is shut to get their work done. Instead they have to keep the entire premises clean and tidy throughout the day and night, all while visitors and gamblers are enjoying the services the casino provides.

As such the team decided to move away from regular vacuum cleaners and opt for backpack versions instead. While deep cleaning takes place during the early hours when there are fewer people about, the backpack vacuums enable cleaners to keep the floors clean during the day. The absence of power cords means they don’t have to worry about carrying safety cones and signs around with them.

Every customer likes to see a clean casino but they don’t like to see cleaners doing the job, especially when it means certain areas are blocked off while they are cleaned. This has provided an excellent solution and the cleaners are very quiet too, especially when you take the music in the casino into account.

“This is an excellent example of how important it is to choose and use the right cleaning equipment for each client and situation,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “We don’t have that many casinos here in the UK but we love the success of this particular example of a pro-active cleaning service. It falls in line with our beliefs and aims too.”

Cleaning Industry in US and UK is Looking Up

Professional Office CleaningA recent report published that looked into the cleaning industry in America has revealed that by 2010 the country boasted more than 820,000 people working in this industry. Just 7% of this number – around 57,400 – were self-employed. Many of the workers had either bought a franchise or worked for someone who owned one.

A number of major companies operate in this area in the US. According to the research the first fifty companies – i.e. the biggest ones – brought in around 30% of the total revenue enjoyed by this sector.

While the industry suffered during the recent recession it appears to be bouncing back in the States. The companies mentioned in the report and the total figures given applied to people who worked in all areas of the cleaning industry. For example these included window cleaners, carpet cleaners and those who worked in offices and clinical settings.

Good news for UK commercial cleaning contractors

“It’s good to see there are improvements in the cleaning industry across the US,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “The industry is also performing well in the UK, particularly as more and more businesses realise the importance of having clean and hygienic workplaces.”

The professional office cleaning industry will always require hard workers regardless of the country involved. According to the report mentioned above labour expenses account for some four-fifths of the total income gleaned from all businesses in this sector. Thus it is competitive and demanding but there is still plenty of room for success.

Procare Sponsor Toddington Young Musician Competition

Toddington Music SocietyToddington Music Society organise a Young Musicans of the Year Competition annually and this year Procare Cleaning were happy and proud to help sponsor the event.  The adjudicator was Karen Stephenson who plays in the Philharmonia Orchestra and BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and is regularly invited to guest as principal celloist for numerous orchestras including the BBC Concert Orchestra.  She is also a tutor for The National Youth Orchestra.

There were six contestants soloing, the youngest being 15 and the oldest was 18, they played the horn, trumpet, flute, piano, cello and one sang.  The event was won by two people this year shared between Benjamin Goldscheider who is in the third round of this years Young Musican of the Year Competition and played the horn and Neil Martin who played the cello.

All six contestants performed beautifully and it was a very difficult and close decision.


Office Cleaning Contractors Wanted In Leicester and Coventry

Procare need more office cleaning contractors as we are so busy.

We have been very successful recently in the Leicester and Coventry areas so are looking for new contractors to work with us in these areas.

You need to be self-motivated, have your own transport and be committed to maintaining high standards in exchange for being well rewarded.

All our contractors invest in their own businesses with the opportunity to work with us to build and grow a successful business that will become very stable and will receive full support and back up form Procare.

We deal with insurance, invoicing and servicing, holiday and sickness support to allow you to concentrate on running your business.  We have over 34 years of specialist knowledge in all aspects of the cleaning industry and are constantly checking new products to ensure we are up to date and can support you best.

If you have been considering starting up a cleaning business or have been trying with little success why not give us a call and arrange a free meeting.

Please call us on 02476 109666 or 0800 032 6660 and ask for Brenda Wernet.

ProCare Cleaning Management Ltd Announce Acquisition Of Omega Cleaning Contracts.

ProCare Cleaning Management Ltdare very excited to announce the  recent acquisition of Omega Cleaning Contracts.

Over the last few years ProCare has been working closely with  Omega, sharing information, contacts, and suppliers and the natural  progression was seen to be the amalgamation of Omega into the Procare family. As  such effective from January 2013 Omega commenced trading under the ProCare  banner.

ProCare  and Omega management felt that this would offer their clients, cleaning operatives and suppliers  a wider sphere of influence and has the potential to provide them with a much more stable framework with  which to approach 2013 and also the  coming years. During times of uncertainty, such as those currently being  witnessed, a wider customer base sees a much more stable company that has  the potential to offer more employment to their areas and allows the company to grow at a rate that would  not otherwise have been possible or that would have taken a considerably longer amount of time to otherwise  achieve.

It is  felt that this is a very positive step and Alex Heighington (MD for  Omega) states that this …”will provide more stability and opportunities for both my operatives and  clients”.

Not only will it provide more stability to  former Omega clients and cleaning  operatives, but it has also allowed ProCare to expand into  areas where previously they had little or no  presence.

Alan Hart (MD for ProCare South East) says: “In today’s  world efficiency and cost management are crucial to business success, this  amalgamation has delivered on both fronts and has made ProCare  stronger as a result. Cooperation and respect has made this possible and we  plan to use this to move forward and become even more successful and offer an  ever improving service to both existing clients and future prospective  clients.”

Procare Cleaning Managment Achieves ISO9001 Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Procare Cleaning Management has achieved ISO9001 acreditation.

The benefits of this for our customers are;

  • Allows us to become a more consistent in the delivery of our services.
  • Better quality management helps us meet customer needs.
  • More efficient ways of working mean we can remain competitive.
  • Improved operational performance will cut errors and improve customer approval ratings
  • Better motivatation and engagment staff help us deliver a better customer experience.

ISO 9001 Logo


Procare Launches New CQC Compliant Cleaning Services

Procare offers a personalised healthcare cleaning plan and service to help Doctors and Dentist Surgeries prepare for CQC registration which will be mandatory by April 2013.

The Care Quality Commission was set up to ensure patients received a very good standard of care across all areas of the NHS. They have set out some very detailed guidelines explaining what standards should be maintained and have even gone as far as to say how these should be achieved.

These guidelines are then audited and monitored by various CQC appointed inspectors. This does not seem to have eliminated Infection Control inspections by the responsible PCT or Trust bodies, which we can also assist with.

The CQC remit is very wide ranging and this is leading to a degree of confusion, and interpretation, especially in certain areas such as CRB Checking and Infection Control.

Andrew Farrow from Procare said;
“We are fully conversant with the CQC requirements and will ensure that your establishment will be able to comply with the CQC’s ongoing monitoring system. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us on 0800-018-1212 “

Unscrupulous Cleaners Making Headlines

Unscrupulous cleaners have recently been the focus of police investigations in a number of countries. A cleaner who stole two blank cheques from the home of TV illusionist Derren Brown cashed the cheques for £33,000. Mr Brown had left the blank cheques in his home for his assistant in case of emergency while he was on tour. The cleaner pleaded guilty to the theft and is now facing prison.

Another cleaner in the US has been arrested over the theft of a bust of Benjamin Franklin from a Philadelphia home. The bust is worth an estimated US$3 million and the cleaner was caught by the FBI just one month after the theft. Finally a cleaner in Tauranga, New Zealand has just pleaded guilty to stealing donations and childcare payments worth around NZ$1700 while working at a local church.

Concerns about cleaning contractor security are often heard in the commercial cleaning world. However, the innovative Performance Bond used by ProCare is able to address these concerns. Any cleaner working for ProCare has to place a financial bond with the company, which will be forfeited if they cause the contract to be lost. So it not only is a guarantee that the cleaner will provide a consistent and high quality service, but it is also your assurance that they will not steal. With many ProCare cleaners having worked for the company for over 15 years and earning higher wages than many other cleaners, clients can be sure that they are receiving an exceptional and trustworthy service from ProCare.

UltraProtect and Healthcare Commercial Cleaning Solutions

This a new cleaning solution called UltraProtect was launched. This is designed to offer continuous protection in healthcare settings against bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Norovirus and swine flu. Although primarily the range offers hand sanitising products, there are also alcohol free surface wipes. These can offer up to 24 hour protection on hard surfaces between applications, playing an important role in infection prevention.

Procare are also a popular choice for healthcare surgery cleaning with over 25 years in business. Not only do they perform to the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) National Specification for cleanliness standards, but they also offer the innovative Performance Bond. Over the years, many cleaning companies have failed to meet high standards in healthcare cleaning due to staffing quality. However, the Performance Bond has removed this inconsistent performance within the sector.

Procare self employed cleaners have to place a financial bond with Procare and if their work is not up to standard, their bond may be forfeited. Unlike multinationals such as Initial Facilities and small commercial cleaning companies, Procare cleaners receive around 80% of all monies paid. Therefore, the higher earnings available offer an even greater incentive for exemplary cleaning performance.