Casino Cleaners Choose Mobile Vacuums for Ease of Cleaning

Casino CleaningFinding the right cleaning equipment to use in each client situation is always important. This was shown recently when the cleaning team at a casino in Seattle, America chose a different type of vacuum to help them get the job done more easily.

The Snoqualmie Casino never closes, which means the cleaners cannot arrive when the place is shut to get their work done. Instead they have to keep the entire premises clean and tidy throughout the day and night, all while visitors and gamblers are enjoying the services the casino provides.

As such the team decided to move away from regular vacuum cleaners and opt for backpack versions instead. While deep cleaning takes place during the early hours when there are fewer people about, the backpack vacuums enable cleaners to keep the floors clean during the day. The absence of power cords means they don’t have to worry about carrying safety cones and signs around with them.

Every customer likes to see a clean casino but they don’t like to see cleaners doing the job, especially when it means certain areas are blocked off while they are cleaned. This has provided an excellent solution and the cleaners are very quiet too, especially when you take the music in the casino into account.

“This is an excellent example of how important it is to choose and use the right cleaning equipment for each client and situation,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “We don’t have that many casinos here in the UK but we love the success of this particular example of a pro-active cleaning service. It falls in line with our beliefs and aims too.”