Can This Be The Lowest Cleaning Salary In The World?

Leela and Akku Sherigar started working as cleaners for the Indian Government in 1971. They are now 59 and have never taken a day off work. These two ladies are so dedicated to their job that they have been working for free for the last 11 years! The ladies were originally promised pay rises every year, but this never happened. In 2001, they finally made a complaint to an Administrative Tribunal. Their wages were then stopped, but this did not prevent the ladies from continuing to clean.

After court decisions in their favour, they are hoping that the Indian Government will eventually pay what is owed to them so that they can retire happily. In the meanwhile, they are hoping to enter the Guinness World Records with the lowest salary in the world!

Can businesses in the UK to find cleaners as motivated as Leela and Akku?

The innovative Performance Bond developed by Procare is an incentive to ensure that the cleaning provided by our self employed contractors is of a high standard.

However they also expect to be well rewarded for a good service, which they are as they receive approximately 80% of the monthly billing. This means that Procare will always offer a professional and reliable contract cleaning service without expecting cleaners to work for nothing for 11 years!