American Cleaners Vote to Strike

Office Carpet CleaningA news story on an American news website recently revealed a union that supports those in the cleaning industry was planning to strike over the contents of their latest employment contract.

The idea of striking to get what you want rears its head in many different industries. This particular example may not seem terribly dramatic, but put yourself in the shoes of those who would normally rely on the cleaners to keep their offices and workspaces clean and tidy. You’d only need to be without those services for a day or two to realise how unkempt your surroundings would get. This would be even clearer the more people you had working in the space.

Good news from Procare

If you have experienced this in your own business, there is a solution. Instead of hiring a company where the workers are employed, offering the possibility to strike, choose a business like Procare instead. All our contractors are self employed, so this ensures you will always get the cleaning services you rely on.

When you are self employed, you won’t be paid if you don’t come into work. Since you are totally responsible for your livelihood you will not be inclined to withdraw your labour!

This bodes well for companies who want to be sure their cleaning services can be relied upon at all times. Looking smart and creating a healthy workplace is exceptionally important – but so is choosing the right contractors. Make sure you make the right decision today.