How Clean Is Your Office Watercooler?

Office WatercoolerWater coolers have become quite prevalent in modern offices. They provide a fast and convenient way to grab a drink of water whenever you need it, without straying too far from your desk. However, while water is a vital healthy drink to help ensure you don’t get dehydrated, the water cooler itself may not be as clean as you think.

In order to operate a water cooler you often have to operate the controls to get the water flowing. This is something everyone else has to do as well. It should come as no surprise then to learn 25% of the controls on these coolers are riddled with germs transferred there by other users. This means you could pick up an illness simply by going to get a drink of water.

The need for proper and regular office cleaning

As you can see, it is imperative that the office cleaning team you use is able to cover all the bases when it comes to cleaning duties. The bulk of the cleaning required will be obvious, but it is this type of area that can be easily missed.

“Our cleaning teams pay attention to all the smaller areas that other teams may not see,” said a spokesperson for ProCare Cleaning. “Keeping the workforce healthy is something that can be done through proper cleaning services, provided on a regular basis. If this isn’t the case, germs can easily be spread through the most unlikely of ways, as we can see from the water cooler example.”

ProCare now Registered with Practice Index

Cleaned Doctor SurgeryProCare have recently registered as a recommended supplier for Practice Index, the one stop shop for practice managers to source all their requirements from printer paper to cleaning contractors.

This further establishes our long relationship and speciality with doctors’ and dental surgeries. We feel that by securing this recommendation we will be able to further demonstrate our committment to providing first rate cleaning services and cost savings to this market place.

Why is Office Ventilation Cleaning So Important?

Office Ventilation CleaningWorking in an office can be demanding, even though most of the work is done sitting down. There is a lot of concentration required and people are working in close proximity with each other and so clean, fresh air is vital.

As we have discussed before office surroundings that employees are in touch with are important to health and wellbeing. However ventilation, whilst it is crucial to a healthy productive office, is often ignored as part of routine office cleaning. The consequences of a poorly maintained ventilation system are that the office becomes stuffy and worse still the system could be harbouring and spreading germs.

Hence cleaning the office ventilation system regularly is important if the system is to work at its best. The longer it goes without being cleaned, the less efficient and effective it will become.

And those harboured germs could have an effect on the sickness levels in the office. Clean fresh air is a major contributor to reducing illness in the office which of course is good for productivity and morale.

A spokesperson from Procare Cleaning agreed with this. “Office cleaning is something many business owners accept as a fundamental aspect of running a business. However the unseen areas are often overlooked, literally out of sight out of mind. Ventilation systems are one of those hidden areas. That’s why Procare offer a comprehensive office cleaning service including these systems, to make sure our clients’ offices always enable staff to achieve their best.”

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