Irregular Office Bathroom Cleaning Poses a Health Risk

Office BathroomEvery office building will have at least one bathroom for employees to use. Regular office cleaning services should ensure the bathroom is cleaned just as regularly, ideally on a daily basis.

According to statistics, three-quarters of all bathroom tap handles pose a significant risk of illness to everyone who uses them. Think about it – you use the facilities and come out to wash your hands to ensure they are clean and hygienic again. But the one thing you have to touch before you wash your hands – aside from the door handle of course – is the tap. That’s why this is a hotspot for germs that can cause serious problems.

It is also why it is so important to ensure office bathroom facilities are cleaned at least once a day. This alone can reduce the amount of potential illnesses that could easily spread in an office.

“Cleanliness is vitally important,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning. “When illness spreads through an office environment there is a significant chance that many people will fall ill. When this happens it has a direct knock-on effect on business effieciency. Deadlines can be missed and the overall smooth running of the office is in jeopardy.”

This is why it is essential to hire an experienced cleaning company such as Procare Cleaning to ensure the cleaning rituals are thorough and regular as well. Please contact us today to arrange a free office cleaning quotation.

How Clean is Your Office Desk?

Eating At Work DeskMost office workers will be aware their computer keyboards and mice can be hot-houses when it comes to germs. However in the drive to ensure this type of equipment stays clean, it can be all too easy to forget the desk itself.

“An office desk can be a haven for germs,” said a spokesman on behalf of Procare Cleaning. “However many office cleaning companies focus on cleaning the office equipment we all use and ignore the desks themselves.”

Modern working lives mean many people end up eating their lunch while they work. Even snacking at your desk can lead to germs building up throughout the day, let alone the week. So even if your keyboard, mouse and phone are cleaned regularly, you still need to focus on cleaning that desktop on a regular basis.

It is recommended this should be done daily if you eat lunch or snack regularly at your desk. This will help reduce the amount of microbes and bacteria gradually multiplying there. The ideal product to use is something that guarantees it kills 99.9% of known germs. Some people keep a packet of wipes in their top drawer for spot cleaning between visits by the office cleaning company. This is ideal for a quick clean after every lunch you eat.

Many offices are of course quite clean since they are tended to regularly. However in the absence of such a service things are not so good!

If you would like to get a free quote for a regular office cleaning service please contact your nearest Procare office.