Office Cleaning That Focuses On Forgotten Areas

Office Photocopiers Need Regular CleaningA recent online article about office cleaning highlighted the many areas of the average office where germs can be harboured and bacteria can be transferred from one worker to another. It focused on the areas that many people don’t think about, including door frames and handles.

Open-plan offices are said to be more hazardous to health than individual office spaces. A larger area shared by more people would rely on everyone taking steps to stay clean and to wash their hands regularly. However even individual offices are not without their problems. Even when someone keeps their own office clean, the door frame and handle can be touched by many other people throughout the course of the week.

Indeed, any common areas used by all staff members will be affected in a similar way. This is why the photocopier tends to be rife with bacteria, since it is not cleaned regularly and is used by a variety of people every day.

Regular office cleaning can help reduce bacteria

“When you start thinking about the situation it is quite surprising how many bacteria are around – and where you can find them,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “Research has indicated that open-plan offices have a higher degree of worker illness cropping up than individual offices. However there is a lot that can be done to minimise the odds of illnesses doing the rounds.”

Procare’s regular office cleaning processes will always take in communal areas and surfaces such as door frames, handles and photocopiers. Is this happening in your office space? If not contact your nearest office to arrange a free site visit and quotation today.

Battling the Bacteria On Office Worker’s Hands

Office Sanitary ServicesIt’s quite revealing to discover the average person has over 10 million bacteria all over their hands. This statistic points to how easy it is for germs to spread from one person to another through insufficient cleaning and hygiene practices.

The statistic pointed to the tips of the fingers and the nails as the prime areas for these bacteria to congregate. It also highlights the importance of making sure the washrooms at all business premises are kept clean and hygienic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Proper sanitary services reduce the odds of bacteria being spread

It is vital that everyone has the best facilities to use at work with regard to hand washing and visiting the bathroom. By law all washrooms for women should have sanitary disposal units to handle this type of waste. Meeting the requirements of your staff can be difficult, which is why it is imperative to hire an experienced cleaning company to handle the task for you.

“At Procare we have years’ of experience in sanitary hygiene and disposal services,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “No two businesses are ever the same, and some have far more washrooms to provide than others. However, whatever the size of the business, Procare is able to provide a tailored service that is discreet. We can provide all the items required to ensure the transference of bacteria is kept to an absolute minimum, thereby ensuring the health of all employees is also as good as it can possibly be.”

If you feel that your sanitary services need a review please contact your nearest Procare office to arrange a free site visit and quotation.