Is Professional Office Cleaning a Necessary Expense?

Professional Office CleaningWhen times are hard many businesses take a good long look at their expenses to see what could reasonably be reduced or got rid of altogether. It makes good sense to focus on getting rid of luxuries, but determining what a luxury is can be more problematic.

Take using professional office cleaning for example. This could be seen by some as unnecessary when money is short. However there are many reasons why this is not the case.

For example a good first impression is essential when you are welcoming potential clients to meet you. A proper cleaning service used on a regular basis helps ensure this part of the task is well taken care of.

Now you might be thinking your business premises doesn’t play host to clients in this way. However professional office cleaning is still an essential service to use whenever you need it. People tend to work better, more efficiently and effectively in clean and tidy surroundings. While cleaners can’t always take care of the tidy part in terms of personal paperwork, they can ensure the office space is always clean and presentable. This makes it somewhere you would want to work in, so you can enjoy the best results from your work.

Hence when looked at superficially regular office cleaning services via a professional company may not seem that to be a vital expense, a bit more thought and analysis shows that it can actually boost your business. If you save on office cleaning you might find you are not as creative, hard-working, productive or as attractive to customers as you thought you would be.

“We find many office staff appreciate coming into a clean office,” said a spokesman for ProCare Cleaning. “As such it’s not generally a service you can skimp on.”

Two Austrian Window Cleaners Have a Narrow Escape 144 Metres Up

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning SystemProfessional cleaners take great pains to make sure they do an excellent job. Cleaning can involve many different tasks and can be done in many locations. For example office buildings require the exterior to be cleaned as well as the interior. This is usually done by using a window cleaning cradle attached to the side of the building, going up and down on wires.

However one pair of window cleaners had a narrow escape recently,   while they were cleaning the windows of the DC Tower 1 in Vienna, Austria had a very narrow escape! It is not completely clear what happened but pictures of the incident showed that the cradle was positioned at an alarming angle, with the workers hanging on to stay in it.

There were strong winds at the time which could have contributed to the incident, but nothing is known for sure. However they did get down to the ground safely thanks to the intervention of local firefighters.

Professional standards and the latest technology help ProCare provide a safe and reliable cleaning service.

The good news is the UK has a series of standards and laws in place that reduce the odds of something like this happening.

“Our professional cleaning teams are always ready to provide our clients with the very highest quality service,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “Proper training and awareness of the relevant Health and Safety rules, CQC requirements and other areas mean our operatives always provide a consistently good service for all their clients.

“Specifically for Window Cleaning Safety we have introduced the “Reach and Wash” window cleaning system which means most office upper floor windows can be cleaned without the need for ladders or other access equipment”