Cleaning Industry in US and UK is Looking Up

Professional Office CleaningA recent report published that looked into the cleaning industry in America has revealed that by 2010 the country boasted more than 820,000 people working in this industry. Just 7% of this number – around 57,400 – were self-employed. Many of the workers had either bought a franchise or worked for someone who owned one.

A number of major companies operate in this area in the US. According to the research the first fifty companies – i.e. the biggest ones – brought in around 30% of the total revenue enjoyed by this sector.

While the industry suffered during the recent recession it appears to be bouncing back in the States. The companies mentioned in the report and the total figures given applied to people who worked in all areas of the cleaning industry. For example these included window cleaners, carpet cleaners and those who worked in offices and clinical settings.

Good news for UK commercial cleaning contractors

“It’s good to see there are improvements in the cleaning industry across the US,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “The industry is also performing well in the UK, particularly as more and more businesses realise the importance of having clean and hygienic workplaces.”

The professional office cleaning industry will always require hard workers regardless of the country involved. According to the report mentioned above labour expenses account for some four-fifths of the total income gleaned from all businesses in this sector. Thus it is competitive and demanding but there is still plenty of room for success.