How Often Do You Need an Office Cleaning Company?

Office CorridorWhen considering hiring an office cleaning company for your business, one of the initial questions that you may ask is how often you should have them in attendance. The simple answer is that it depends on the needs and nature of your particular business. It can also come down to a matter of personal preference.

For example, the requirements in an office space used by three people are very different from one used by thirty people. Apart from the difference in size, the more people there are moving through an area the more likely it is that it will need more regular cleaning. For instance some businesses hire morning cleaners to come in early every working day of the week. If they didn’t the workplace would soon become messy and dirty. However, for other smaller businesses with far fewer workers, there would be little need to bring in cleaners more than once or twice a week.

The good news is that expert office cleaning companies, such as ProCare, will be only too happy to assist you in striking the right balance. They will have experience in cleaning all sizes of offices and workplaces, and will be able to advise you on the best strategy to suit your needs and your budget.

Of course it is also worth remembering that however you decide to start, you can make adjustments as you go along. You may only require a cleaner once a week to begin with, but later you may find this is not enough. Either way, Pro Care Cleaning is here to cater for your every cleaning need.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the requirements for the cleaning of your premises please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist in any way we can and, even if we cannot initially help, we may still be able to provide information that may assist you.

Using the Office Cleaning Estimate Tool

One of the key questions you will have when you are considering hiring office cleaners is “how much it will cost?” The good news is this becomes much easier when you use ProCare. Our website provides you with a quick and easy estimate tool to give you an approximate idea of what to expect.

ProCare Office Cleaning Estimator Button

From our website, simply click on the ‘get an online initial estimate’ box and you will see a separate box pop up on your computer screen. All you have to do is to fill in your details and select the size of office you have in square feet. You’ll see there is a drop down box here to use – just click on the down arrow and select the appropriate size for your needs.

ProCare Office Cleaning Estimator Form

Then just select how many days you would like to have the service for, you can choose anything from one to five days from the drop down list provided. All that remains would be to click on ‘get my quote now’ and you can get a rough idea of how much the service you require will be.

This is the first step to getting the information you require and is merely a guide and should not be taken as an actual figure. If you are interested in taking it further we will need to visit your premises in order to provide you with an accurate figure you can trust. This also gives you the chance to meet with us so you can see the many benefits of using ProCare Cleaning.

Regular Cleaning is Essential in All Offices

Messy Warehouse OfficeAfter nearly 30 years of operation and office cleaning we fully appreciate the need for a clean and pleasant working environment and, more importantly, how that can be achieved for varying client premises.

Clean surfaces that are uncluttered and pleasant to work in have to be the best option, and with our method of operation each cleaning specification is uniquely tailored to each individual client’s premises we therefore believe that we would be extremely well placed to be able to satisfy individuals’ needs and requirements.

It has often been found that workers are happier and more productive when their surroundings are cleaner and less cluttered. This can be difficult to maintain in a busy office but when you have a proper cleaning service for your offices you might be surprised how much can be achieved – and how much better your business might be as a result.

There are clear indications that a premise where the environment is clean and pleasant leads to a lower rate of illness from staff. Clearly an effective cleaning service has a big part to play in this, particularly during “flu season” when people are more conscious of the need for a hygienic as well as a clean environment. We all know that germs and infection can spread rapidly among groups of people, but this knowledge isn’t always enough to trigger the need to look for a regular office cleaning service, however many companies have found that hiring such a service has a significant effect on the health and wellbeing of their workers. Offices that are cleaned every single day are going to be more hygienic than ones that are only cleaned occasionally. If germs have fewer opportunities to spread, workers will have fewer opportunities to catch colds and other viruses and germs. This has to be better for companies in general because there will be fewer lost hours overall!

If it was a choice between working in an untidy office where the computer keyboards were full of crumbs or working in the tidiest and cleanest possible environment, which would you choose?