Essential Areas to Be Cleaned in Every Office

Messy OfficeFew offices are as clean as they should be, according to plenty of research done into this topic. The statistics gleaned from office environments and research around the world claim there are four vital 0ffice areas that demand proper cleaning. These are the keyboard, the telephone, the surface of the desk and the computer mouse.

Additional research has supported this through the fact there are countless more germs on the average phone than they are on a toilet seat. For any business that wishes to reduce the amount of sickness and time off experienced by employees, the act of cleaning these four areas daily will help achieve that aim.

E.coli is just one type of bacteria to be found in workplaces

Worryingly enough, E.coli is not the only harmful bacteria that has regularly been found in the workplace. Staph infections can also easily be contracted in these situations.

A spokesman for Procare Cleaning had this to say about the facts: “It is not surprising there is a high possibility for lots of bacteria to be found on these particular items within the office environment. However it is perhaps surprising to some business owners that reducing the level of sickness in their business could be as simple as having their offices properly cleaned every single day.”

Certainly the positive effect on productivity and wellbeing could more than make up for the investment made in a regular office cleaning service in the first place. It could definitely have a transformative effect.

Are Open Plan Offices Bad for Health?

OfficesAccording to an ever-increasing swathe of reports that have come to light in previous years, open-plan offices do not appear to be as good for productivity as first thought. However good office cleaning can help reduce the effects of open plan office design.

Indeed, one survey found that people working in open-plan offices were off sick 62% more of the time than those working in individual spaces. It would appear the idea of connecting workers with one another is good in terms of morale and camaraderie, but bad in terms of infections and illnesses. Stress seems to be a big problem in those who work in open-plan situations. However the spread of bugs and bacteria through an open-plan space is clearly far easier than it would be in enclosed spaces.

Colds tend to be passed more easily in open spaces, as do bacteria and other infections. If phones and computers are shared as well, it further encourages the spread of infection from one person to another, since they are unlikely to be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.

Regular cleaning is essential regardless of the office layout

Open-plan working however seems to be liked by staff and so could be more productive for businesses but only if regular office cleaning is adopted.

“Cleaning computer desks, phones and other areas, whether shared or not, helps to keep each area as safe and clean as possible,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning. “While it is up to the boss to decide whether to revert back to individual spaces instead of open-plan arrangements, regular cleaning has a lot to commend it in every respect.”

How Safe is Your Office?

Dirty KeyboardWhen we talk about safety with regard to working in an office, it’s easy to assume we’re talking about potential hazards such as tripping over cables or using faulty equipment. However a lack of cleaning can bring up many more hazards than these, even if they are largely unseen.

It’s not simply a question of vacuuming the floors either. It is imperative that essential equipment such as keyboards and phones are cleaned regularly too. According to statistics there are far more bacteria present on an office desk than there are on the average toilet seat – well over 400 times more in fact.

Furthermore there is the popular activity of eating lunch at our desks to consider. Many of us do this without cleaning our desks or our hands before or afterwards. We then transfer germs and food particles onto the phone, our computer keys and elsewhere too.

If desks were disinfected properly and regularly this action alone would get rid of 99.9% of germs. Since this reduces the odds of falling ill, it has a positive knock-on effect in terms of employee retention, rather than having people off sick all the time.

Regular cleaning is an essential part of a safe and healthy office space

“Most businesses are aware of the impact they incur when employees are off sick,” said a spokesman for ProCare Cleaning. “Yet there is a very simple solution. If regular office cleaning takes place to ensure desks and equipment are kept clean, not to mention other areas of the office as well, the business will benefit in many ways – as will its employees.”

First Impressions Last: The Importance of Office Cleaning

Clean Office Reception AreaOffice cleaning is important for more than just hygiene reasons. Keeping a workplace clean and tidy is vital for morale and it also gives a good impression if clients come to visit.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘first impressions last’, and this is precisely why any office space should be cleaned regularly. If the space is looking less than its best, any potential client who comes by will start to wonder how well the business is run. If those in charge cannot organise regular cleaning schedules, what are they like organising workloads and handling clients?

In a sense an office space represents the business that works within it. Thus if the space is disorganised, dirty and untidy it will present entirely the wrong picture to anyone who visits. It can also mean a business is less efficient, as it can take a lot longer to achieve tasks when working in an untidy environment.

“It’s important to ensure businesses always give the best impression”

Clearly, office cleaning cannot be underestimated. “Sometimes business owners see cleaning as something that’s not an essential,” said a spokesman for ProCare Cleaning. “However it’s about far more than just being clean. If a business is able to give an excellent impression to its clients – even when they visit unexpectedly – it will surely earn back the cost of investing in regular cleaning services to begin with.”

Many office managers would agree with this. In this case, first impressions can last a long time.

Casino Cleaners Choose Mobile Vacuums for Ease of Cleaning

Casino CleaningFinding the right cleaning equipment to use in each client situation is always important. This was shown recently when the cleaning team at a casino in Seattle, America chose a different type of vacuum to help them get the job done more easily.

The Snoqualmie Casino never closes, which means the cleaners cannot arrive when the place is shut to get their work done. Instead they have to keep the entire premises clean and tidy throughout the day and night, all while visitors and gamblers are enjoying the services the casino provides.

As such the team decided to move away from regular vacuum cleaners and opt for backpack versions instead. While deep cleaning takes place during the early hours when there are fewer people about, the backpack vacuums enable cleaners to keep the floors clean during the day. The absence of power cords means they don’t have to worry about carrying safety cones and signs around with them.

Every customer likes to see a clean casino but they don’t like to see cleaners doing the job, especially when it means certain areas are blocked off while they are cleaned. This has provided an excellent solution and the cleaners are very quiet too, especially when you take the music in the casino into account.

“This is an excellent example of how important it is to choose and use the right cleaning equipment for each client and situation,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “We don’t have that many casinos here in the UK but we love the success of this particular example of a pro-active cleaning service. It falls in line with our beliefs and aims too.”

Could FDA Restrictions on Cleaning Products Harm Lives?

Cleaned Doctor SurgeryThis was the news coming from the American Cleaning Institute recently. It made a presentation to a branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning restrictions to the use of antibacterial ingredients in cleaning products. When used in healthcare situations these products provide excellent hygienic surfaces and are known to reduce the number of infections in healthcare environments.

Their concerns were made evident to the Non-prescription Drugs Advisory Committee, otherwise referred to as NDAC. The FDA is apparently set to propose changes to the rules that pertain to the use of antibacterial products used in the healthcare sector next year. It is believed that the FDA has made recommendations and announcements in the past that haven’t brought into play the entire range of information available to them in this area. Those in the industry think there could be severe consequences in terms of infections and health if products used in this area are watered-down and made weaker.

“I can sympathise with those working in the cleaning industry in America,” said a spokesman for Procare Cleaning in the UK. “We know how important it is to use the right cleaning products in every situation. Furthermore we recognise that it is important to keep surfaces clean and free from bacteria in both Surgery and Office Cleaning situations. If this is not the case – perhaps because the best products end up being banned or watered-down – infections are more likely to occur. This will create more problems in the future as a result.”

Is Professional Office Cleaning a Necessary Expense?

Professional Office CleaningWhen times are hard many businesses take a good long look at their expenses to see what could reasonably be reduced or got rid of altogether. It makes good sense to focus on getting rid of luxuries, but determining what a luxury is can be more problematic.

Take using professional office cleaning for example. This could be seen by some as unnecessary when money is short. However there are many reasons why this is not the case.

For example a good first impression is essential when you are welcoming potential clients to meet you. A proper cleaning service used on a regular basis helps ensure this part of the task is well taken care of.

Now you might be thinking your business premises doesn’t play host to clients in this way. However professional office cleaning is still an essential service to use whenever you need it. People tend to work better, more efficiently and effectively in clean and tidy surroundings. While cleaners can’t always take care of the tidy part in terms of personal paperwork, they can ensure the office space is always clean and presentable. This makes it somewhere you would want to work in, so you can enjoy the best results from your work.

Hence when looked at superficially regular office cleaning services via a professional company may not seem that to be a vital expense, a bit more thought and analysis shows that it can actually boost your business. If you save on office cleaning you might find you are not as creative, hard-working, productive or as attractive to customers as you thought you would be.

“We find many office staff appreciate coming into a clean office,” said a spokesman for ProCare Cleaning. “As such it’s not generally a service you can skimp on.”

Two Austrian Window Cleaners Have a Narrow Escape 144 Metres Up

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning SystemProfessional cleaners take great pains to make sure they do an excellent job. Cleaning can involve many different tasks and can be done in many locations. For example office buildings require the exterior to be cleaned as well as the interior. This is usually done by using a window cleaning cradle attached to the side of the building, going up and down on wires.

However one pair of window cleaners had a narrow escape recently,   while they were cleaning the windows of the DC Tower 1 in Vienna, Austria had a very narrow escape! It is not completely clear what happened but pictures of the incident showed that the cradle was positioned at an alarming angle, with the workers hanging on to stay in it.

There were strong winds at the time which could have contributed to the incident, but nothing is known for sure. However they did get down to the ground safely thanks to the intervention of local firefighters.

Professional standards and the latest technology help ProCare provide a safe and reliable cleaning service.

The good news is the UK has a series of standards and laws in place that reduce the odds of something like this happening.

“Our professional cleaning teams are always ready to provide our clients with the very highest quality service,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “Proper training and awareness of the relevant Health and Safety rules, CQC requirements and other areas mean our operatives always provide a consistently good service for all their clients.

“Specifically for Window Cleaning Safety we have introduced the “Reach and Wash” window cleaning system which means most office upper floor windows can be cleaned without the need for ladders or other access equipment”

DIY Office Cleaning vs Professional Office Cleaning

DIY Office CleaningEvery office needs cleaning. Generally speaking the larger and busier it is the more often it will need cleaning. This could vary from daily to once a week depending on the situation and the number of employees.

Some people choose to go down the DIY route and do the office cleaning themselves. This is fair enough in theory but in practice professional office cleaning has much to commend it. For starters you can rest assured all the best products and equipment will be used to get the best results. The staff are also well-trained to provide the best service at all times. You have the flexibility to select the number of days per week and when during the day, or night, you would need the service. Finally, and most importantly, the job will get done!

You and your staff are freed up to do more important, value adding, activities you that are central to your business success.

“Many people are discovering how much easier it is to pass the cleaning duties on to someone else,” said a spokesman for ProCare Cleaning. “Professional cleaners will also ensure the clients get professional results every time, especially in our case with the ProCare Performance Bond in place to incentivise good work. If someone decides to do the cleaning themselves it can very easily be put off until a more convenient time arises, which of course it never does. This can lead to prolonged periods between cleaning and thus reduce the cleanliness of the office. Let us focus on what we do best whilst you focus on what do best, run a great business!”

Outsourcing Now Extends to Office Cleaning

Outsourced Office CleaningAn interesting piece in the executive section of the Sydney Morning Herald recently pointed out the popularity of outsourcing in the business world. Outsourcing frees up more time for business people of all shapes and sizes, enabling them to get on with more important tasks which add value to their business.

This definitely applies to office cleaning in all kinds of workplaces from the commercial sector to manufacturing. While cleaning may not seem as important as where to locate the call centre and how to find and retain more clients, it still has a vital role to play. A clean workplace has a direct knock-on effect in many ways, both on the surroundings and on the frame of mind of those working in the area.

Outsourcing means granting responsibility to someone else for a certain task

The article in the Sydney Morning Herald went on to focus on the outsourcing of low added value business tasks rather than those necessary for the growth and financial success of a business. As individuals people are also looking to outsource all kinds of tasks that are better done by another more experienced person who can do them efficiently and effectively at an affordable cost, freeing up the individual to have more time to spend on the things that make a real difference for them

“It’s interesting that outsourcing tasks such as office cleaning are now becoming more common both individuals as well as businesses,” a Procare Cleaning spokesperson said today. “In a busy modern world it is essential to make the most effective use of our time. Hence for example that could mean it is better to outsource tasks such as cleaning to other people who have the equipment and experience to do an excellent job.”