Billions of Pounds Lost Every Year Owing to Unhealthy Offices

young woman demonstrating office desk postureDifferent jobs require workers to perform different tasks, but according to the latest figures some £7 billion pounds is lost every single year as UK businesses dish out this amount in sick pay. This is due to work spaces that are not fit for purpose, such as badly organised desks and chairs and equipment that is not ergonomic in nature.

A range of health problems

The most commonly occurring health problem is that of backache, which occurs in some 40% of those who are off sick for as much as three weeks every year. Tense and stiff shoulders are seen in 37% of these people, and eye problems are next, affecting 30% of staff who are off for this period of time. Depression is also common, occurring in 17% of people in this group.

Many of these problems can be reduced by the presence of risk assessments. However, one in two office workers have not had this legally required assessment in the last year.

Making changes

While the figures relate primarily to those who are in office jobs who spend much of their day seated, there is also a strong potential for injuries and problems to occur in other jobs. We take care to ensure all our employees have the right equipment to perform each task and the ability to use that equipment properly. It is part of the ProCare commitment to take good care not just of our employees, but of our clients as well with our office cleaning services.