Taking Steps to Prevent Legionnaire’s Outbreaks

Legionella BacteriaEvery now and then the news has details of a Legionnaire’s disease outbreak. For example, a notable outbreak was reported in the Upper Midwest of America in recent months.

Water sources tend to be the ideal place for the Legionella bacteria to grow and develop. However there are ways in which you can prevent it growing in the first place – namely by keeping these areas spotlessly clean and well maintained. Indeed it is believed that a lack of maintenance was enough to trigger the growth of the Legionella bacteria in the Midwest example.

Make sure you hire responsible and thorough cleaners

If you run a business it is your responsibility to ensure the premises are kept clean, tidy and safe to use. This includes all communal areas such as toilets and shower cubicles.

Fortunately life will be much easier when you hire expert cleaners from Procare. They are all experienced in using various pieces of cleaning equipment to achieve the cleanest and healthiest surroundings to work in. The best way to ensure you are never affected by an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease is to do everything you can to avoid creating the ideal conditions for it. Regular cleaning is the best way to tackle this situation.

Make no mistake: this disease can be deadly. The Midwest outbreak claimed several lives and made many others seriously ill. Make sure you take every necessary step by hiring cleaners you know you can rely on every day.

American Cleaners Vote to Strike

Office Carpet CleaningA news story on an American news website recently revealed a union that supports those in the cleaning industry was planning to strike over the contents of their latest employment contract.

The idea of striking to get what you want rears its head in many different industries. This particular example may not seem terribly dramatic, but put yourself in the shoes of those who would normally rely on the cleaners to keep their offices and workspaces clean and tidy. You’d only need to be without those services for a day or two to realise how unkempt your surroundings would get. This would be even clearer the more people you had working in the space.

Good news from Procare

If you have experienced this in your own business, there is a solution. Instead of hiring a company where the workers are employed, offering the possibility to strike, choose a business like Procare instead. All our contractors are self employed, so this ensures you will always get the cleaning services you rely on.

When you are self employed, you won’t be paid if you don’t come into work. Since you are totally responsible for your livelihood you will not be inclined to withdraw your labour!

This bodes well for companies who want to be sure their cleaning services can be relied upon at all times. Looking smart and creating a healthy workplace is exceptionally important – but so is choosing the right contractors. Make sure you make the right decision today.

Keeping Your Workplace Clean is Essential in the 21st Century

Dirty KeyboardThe 21st century began with one thing the 20th century did not have in its early years – namely the internet and the advent of desktop and laptop computers. There are many other new things in our lives as well of course, but in terms of cleanliness in the office, it is worth realising how important this is when it comes to using computers and in particular their keyboards.

Keeping an office space clean and tidy on a daily basis can be a challenge. However it is a challenge that is more easily met with the help of a professional cleaning company. Food and drinks enjoyed in the office can lead to a greater risk of accidents and spread of germs. Computer equipment can be damaged in some cases, which can lead to costly repairs.

Furthermore, germs can prevail in environments where food and drinks have been spilt. Keyboards in particular can become very dirty and are ideal breeding places for germs. A workplace that is regularly cleaned is not only more productive it can also cut down on ill health.

Call on the professionals to make your workplace safer

The professionals at Pro Care Cleaning will ensure your office is kept clean and tidy at all times. They recognise how important it is to keep cables and other hazards safely out of the way, as well as keeping all surfaces clean and tidy.

It’s easy to see how vital it is to choose the right cleaning company – one that understands the importance of hygiene in the workplace. If you hire the right team on a regular basis your own workplace and computer equipment will be safer and easier to use as a result.

Changing Your Office Layout? A Great Opportunity For Deep Clean!

Messy OfficeWhat Is Lurking Behind That Furniture That Has Not Moved For Years?

Many small businesses have the same office layout for months, even years, at a time, but eventually there comes the need to change. This can happen for a variety of reasons. New equipment may be required that won’t fit into the current office layout. A more common reason is a change in staffing arrangements that cannot be accommodated in the existing office layout.

If you are considering changing your office round in the near future, it is wise to employ the services of a professional cleaning company at that time. In doing so, the whole process will become much easier and more straightforward. It also means you can ensure the whole space is professionally and expertly cleaned. This includes those spaces that cannot always be reached during routine cleaning owing to desks and other items of furniture being in the way.

The whole outcome is one of a cleaner, brighter and more efficient work space. It also ensures you can get the job done far more quickly than you would be able to otherwise. It may even inspire you to change things around more frequently.

The power of a good cleaning company

The cleaner and tidier an office is the easier it is to change the layout to accommodate its workers. This is something the experts at ProCare Cleaning know all too well. Hiring the best experts to take on this task and thoroughly clean any office space is essential to achieving a healthy working environment.

Office Cleaning; Price is Not the Only Consideration

Some companies focus almost exclusively on price when it comes to choosing a cleaning company. Every firm has overheads but some of them are (or should be) immovable. This isn’t always the case with the smallest cleaning services though, who are looking to gain an edge over their competitors.

One such area is insurance. Every cleaning company should have insurance so it is fully covered for any mishaps that may occur on your premises. In addition, a prospective customer should be able to see proof of this insurance without any deflection or hesitation on the part of the cleaning company.

Put simply, if you come across a cleaning company that isn’t willing to provide proof of cleaning insurance, you should go elsewhere. The best cleaning services will not only have this insurance, they will be pleased to provide you with the proof you need. Of course their prices may be slightly higher to reflect the cost of the insurance, but wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind it provides?

“Here at Procare we have always placed immense importance on the subject of insurance,” said a spokesman for the company. “We’re pleased to say things rarely go wrong, but this doesn’t mean there is no need for insurance. We are in the business of providing peace of mind – as well as outstanding and comprehensive cleaning services – for all our clients.”

Clearly while insurance is not the first thing you will think of when hiring a cleaning company, it should not be forgotten either.