What Should You Ask When Hiring a Cleaning Contractor?

If you are in need of a cleaning service but you’re not sure how to go about hiring one, it helps to have a few questions in mind to ensure you get the right result. Some of the most important questions of all are laid out below.

Which specific services will be provided and when?

This should be laid out in the contract, so make sure your requirements are specified in as much detail as you can before you sign it. The more precise you are the more accurate the costs can be identified and the more able the ProCare cleaning contractor will be able to deliver the service you want.

How will the fees be invoiced?

The specification stage above enables an accurate costing to be created. You will be invoiced by ProCare monthly during the service month ( ensure when comparing this is not four weekly to avoid 13 invoices p.a. instead of 12 )

Can I see a copy of your insurance policy?

Cleaning insurance is very expensive, partially due to personal injury claims, so some smaller companies cut corners.  It is best to find out whether a contractor has insurance before they start rather than when you need them to have it due to a claim.

Are any assurances of quality made prior to work commencing?

Obviously you want to be sure of hiring the best contractor for the job. It is a good idea to do some research into their quality control systems, but you should also ask what assurances can be given in this respect.

Specifically in the case of ProCare we require our Contractors to lodge a Performance Bond which ensures that they are focussed on the delivery of a high quality service and creating long term relationships with happy customers.

Finding the right contractor

It helps to narrow down the field before you get to the stage of asking the questions above. By looking at the website of each shortlisted contractor, you can find out a lot more about them. How long have they been in business? How do their services work? Are there testimonials you can read prior to contacting them?

The answers to these questions will help steer you more readily towards your ideal cleaning contractor.

Looking For A Cleaning Contractor? Chose The Golidlocks Company!

The “Goldilocks zone” in the solar system has been discussed at length for over 40 years, for a planet to sustain life, it can not be to close or to far from the sun, not too hot, not to cold.

Cleaning companies similarly fall in to several categories which all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The large cleaning companies have the advantage of National coverage but some see them as impersonal and far more interested in large cleaning contracts.

The small local cleaning company has the advantage of being on your doorstep but sometimes finds organising holiday & sickness cover difficult, and their range of additional services offered may be limited.

We feel Procare falls in the middle. We don’t spread ourselves too thinly and we have plenty of contractors in each of the areas we cover.

We work with local contractors often a husband and wife team, so will have on average 6 contractors in each town we work in.  Our contractors stay with us because they like the way we operate so if we are successful in obtaining your business, you will get a contractor who is known to us and we know is reliable.

We are not looking for National Contracts or really large contracts employing more than 7 cleaners so you can be confident no other client will be given priority over your requirements.

Two types of contracts we are particularly successful with are medical; doctors, dentists etc (due to our VAT advantage) and professional offices; accountants, solicitors etc because they like several aspects of the way we operate regarding security and confidentiality.

Our core business is SME’s, with their needs ranging from cleaning once a week to every day. With over 1500 satisfied clients we ar proud of the service we offer.

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Setting Up an Office Cleaning Business

Procare Cleaning ContractorIf you are a hard worker and you love cleaning, you could set up a successful business cleaning offices in your local area. There is a good demand for this service, since every office will need cleaning on a regular basis. Thus there is plenty of room for repeat business once you find clients.

You will need to have high standards and a good attention to detail to succeed. A clean driving licence is also necessary, as is access to your own transport to use for work.

However you do not need to go it alone if you are nervous about going into business and in particular marketing your services.

You could opt for an opportunity such as the one offered by ProCare. This requires a small upfront investment in return for all the support and advice you need. This means you don’t have to start from scratch, because the framework you will need to run a successful business is provided for you. It can give you confidence when you are starting in a new business and get your business up and running quickly.

The advantages of teaming up with ProCare

If you are serious about setting up an office cleaning business, please get in touch with ProCare. You get to work quickly as a contract cleaner without having all the admin to think about. You get all the perks of running your own business and ProCare will take care of the marketing and invoicing on your behalf.

So in summary the ProCare system  caters for customers needing high quality cleaning services and also creates opportunities for self employed contractors to create successful businesses.

Government Suggests Changes to Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) Regulations

Procare Cleaning ContractorIf the government goes through with proposed changes to the TUPE employment law, it may open the floodgates and let through a wave of legal disputes. It has been said that the protection offered to employees taken on by outsourcing companies is too strict, and should be relaxed.

Reducing red tape

Outsourcing can prove complex for those businesses that resort to it. There are many benefits, but the government is keen to reduce the amount of red tape in many areas of business. Thus they have initiated a consultation process to consider the possibility of altering the TUPE law, which stands for Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006.

However one law firm, EMW, suggests that the changes mooted could actually make matters worse rather than better. The firm suggests such changes could lead to uncertainty over the position held by contractors taken on in this way.

Clarity is the issue

Our customers use contracted cleaners to help fill the gaps and enable them to provide a clean working environment. One  the benefits of choosing ProCare is because we help customers to manage TUPE issues regarding cleaners.

It will be interesting to see if any changes of this nature do go forward, and if they do, whether or not they make it easier or more difficult for businesses to make use of contracted employees. According to the law firm mentioned, it could be the latter that holds true. In which case ProCare’s years of experience in the contract cleaning industry will continue to be of advantage to our customers.