The Procare Performance Bond Explained; Video Transcript

Andrew Farrow MD of ProCare Home Counties explains how the Performance Bond works in this video. Transcript below.

Hello my name is Andrew Farrow and I run ProCare Cleaning in the Home Counties.

I want to tell you the main reasons why our clients choose us and stay with us.

Our contractors invest four times your monthly billing as a performance bond and a security bond.

This is held the whole time a contract runs and is forfeited if the contract is ever lost through bad cleaning, through fault or any breach of security.

This ensures you have somebody on-site who has a vested interest in ensuring standards are maintained.

Why would they do this?

Our contractors receive approximately 80% of what you pay, this compares with roughly 50% if they were working for a conventional cleaning company.

So you get somebody on-site who is well rewarded as a financial incentive to ensure standards are maintained.

Thank you very much for listening to me today.

New ProCare Introductory Video

We have developed a new video to explain the ProCare business processes which ensure that we deliver excellent office cleaning solutions for our customers and valuable business for our cleaning contractors. Please click on the arrow to view the video.

The video explains that contractors invest their own money in a Performance Bond which they lose if they lose a customers contract through bad cleaning performance.  On the other hand contractors keep around 80% of the fees paid (vs c50% with other cleaning management companies) ensuring they are well rewarded and motivated for good service and to stay with ProCare for the long term. This combination guarantees consistent high quality cleaning and a cost effective and reliable service for our customers

We also keep in close contact with our clients one point of contact being the customer review area in our website. We currently have an average score of 4.7 out of 5 or 94%. In addition  we call all our clients monthly to receive feedback. In this way we are able to maintain consistency and efficiency and as a consequence many staff and contractors have been with us over 20 years.

A final benefit of using ProCare relates to the fact that many business types are unable to reclaim VAT, such as Doctors, Dentists, Insurance Brokers, Financial Establishments, Betting Organisations, Nurseries and Charities. As many of our independent contractors are not VAT registered this means that such customers can effectively save 20% on their cleaning costs.

We hope you find our video helpful and if you have any questions please call 0800-018-1212 or fill in our contact form.