Selecting Commercial Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaning is a fundamental part of any office cleaning service. ProCare cleaning contractors use a range of different machines to carry out this vital task. The following gives a brief overview of how a cleaning contractor selects their machine and a quick overview of some of the machines available.

Selecting the best commercial carpet cleaner for the job depends on the area of floor space for cleaning, type of carpet/hard floor surface, frequency of cleaning, ability of operators using the machine, storage space available, service options, budget and much more. Here are just a few popular machines suitable for a variety of purposes.

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is ideal for valeting as well as commercial cleaning. Its design contains a bi-directional agitating brush, allowing carpet fibres to be scrubbed 3200 timers per minute. The vacuum motor is able to remove up to 80% of solution from the carpet on one pass and there is a range of upholstery tools available.


The Numatic CT 470-2, part of the ‘Cleantec’ range, has a 27 litre capacity and weighing only 12kgs, is easy to move around sites. Designed to provide effective cleaning of medium sized carpet and hard floor surfaces, it also includes a selection of tools. For larger floor spaces, consider the CT 570-2.


The Prochem Supernova is heavy-duty walk behind machine, able to clean 370 square metres per hour, offering the flexibility of reverse cleaning. It also has a silencer fitted as standard and a fully adjustable handle to suit any size of operator.


If you have any questions about the machines and processes used by our cleaning contractors please ask them and they would be pleased to explain.

Unscrupulous Cleaners Making Headlines

Unscrupulous cleaners have recently been the focus of police investigations in a number of countries. A cleaner who stole two blank cheques from the home of TV illusionist Derren Brown cashed the cheques for £33,000. Mr Brown had left the blank cheques in his home for his assistant in case of emergency while he was on tour. The cleaner pleaded guilty to the theft and is now facing prison.

Another cleaner in the US has been arrested over the theft of a bust of Benjamin Franklin from a Philadelphia home. The bust is worth an estimated US$3 million and the cleaner was caught by the FBI just one month after the theft. Finally a cleaner in Tauranga, New Zealand has just pleaded guilty to stealing donations and childcare payments worth around NZ$1700 while working at a local church.

Concerns about cleaning contractor security are often heard in the commercial cleaning world. However, the innovative Performance Bond used by ProCare is able to address these concerns. Any cleaner working for ProCare has to place a financial bond with the company, which will be forfeited if they cause the contract to be lost. So it not only is a guarantee that the cleaner will provide a consistent and high quality service, but it is also your assurance that they will not steal. With many ProCare cleaners having worked for the company for over 15 years and earning higher wages than many other cleaners, clients can be sure that they are receiving an exceptional and trustworthy service from ProCare.