Would You Expect A Cleaner To Invest Money To Clean Your Premises?

Question: Would you expect a cleaner to invest money to clean your premises?
Your answer would probably be :  “No – why should they.”

To appreciate what prompts a person to work with us requires an understanding of why the Procare business came into being in 1976.

TRADITIONALLY cleaners have been poorly paid with no incentive to carry out a good job. They often lacked support or guidance from the cleaning company who employed them.

The Procare system sought to remedy this situation.
STEP ONE   – Improve the cleaners pay and motivation.
STEP TWO  – Give them a personal interest in the contract THE PERFORMANCE BOND
STEP THREE – Pay them up to 75% of the money received from the client.

A unique concept 35 years ago. Unusual even today
Over the years the system has been fine tuned, but still has the cleaning contractors’ satisfaction with the system at its heart. It is in the contractors’ own interest to ensure that you the client are satisfied with their work

Follow this link to read more about the Performance Bond


Russam GMS Ltd, a leading Interim Management Provider have been  using Procare at their Head Office in Dunstable for over 5 years.
“We have found the cleaning services provided by Procare Cleaning ‘second to none’.     Other than for holidays we have had the same cleaner who is aware of our standards and who regularly exceeds them.”
Glyn Lloyd – August 2011

Our next news letter will elaborate more fully on Procare’s  work ethic with clients and contractors.