TUPE Regulation’s Impact On Commercial Cleaning Management Explained

One of the pitfalls often encountered when companies want to change their cleaning service provider, is the restrictions forced upon them by the TUPE regulations. It would be reasonable to expect that a change of company would also mean a change of the actual cleaning operative. However, because the aim of these regulations is to guarantee the continued employment of the operative this may not happen. So they may actually end up with the same cleaners that actually caused them to look to change in the first place.

One company, ProCare Cleaning Management have developed a solution for this problem which many employers have encountered.

As mentioned above the intention of the TUPE regulations is to preserve the full working terms and conditions of all employees when the contract they are working on is transferred from one provider to another. However, to make things worse, these regulations are also very strenuously implemented through the courts, which means that transferees are often treated very generously by the new employer for fear of being taken to an industrial tribunal. So once a person has transferred, their continued employment is often guaranteed for at least 6 months.

So how can ProCare help you to avoid this problem.

ProCare are not a conventional cleaning company who directly employ their cleaners. They are a cleaning management company, who instead, will assign your contract to a specialist self- employed cleaner, who will probably carry out the work themselves. This will mean that no job is created, which in turn will mean no transfer can take place. This is defined in the ETO section of the regulations. In this way the cycle is broken, which means that if you use ProCare to provide your commercial cleaning you will no longer have to continually put up with the poor service of one individual.

But the good news does not end there, because self- employed cleaners are not covered by the TUPE regulations, which means it is very easy for you to change the cleaning operative should they fail to meet your requirements. ProCare have a Performance Bond system which should ensure good quality work. But in the event you wish to change cleaners you simply ask us and we will oblige. The change can take place very quickly.

Please contact ProCare today to discuss your cleaning requirements and how to migrate away from in house cleaning whilst achieving a better result at a lower cost.