Carpet Cleaning VAT Saving

Carpet Cleaning & VAT Saving

Carpets carry a high risk of collecting dust, dirt and bacteria in the building if they are not correctly maintained. After many years, carpets look different – in that they age and wear. If correctly maintained and cleaned, however, looks can be preserved and dirty can be significantly reduced to maintain an overall healthy and clean indoor environment. Of course, you can try and keep it clean yourself, but if you want maximum protection from dirt then using services provided by Procare can help significantly reduce the chance of you individuals affected by the dirt.As a national commercial cleaning company Procare are involved with a number of cleaning projects, and with its 25 years of experience, their quality is undoubtedly very high. Carpet cleaning is just one service that can be provided by the many self-employed cleaners that work under the name of Procare.

Not only can Procare offer a better quality clean, but by hiring a professional cleaner you can save time and effort. Procare offers state of the art technology and services, meaning that your carpets can stay much cleaner for longer. With this advanced technology you can be sure that you’re paying for a great service, and value for money. Procare provide invoices directly from their self employed cleaners many of whom are not VAT registered, hence saving many companies 20% on their cleaning costs as, for example, doctor’s and dentists surgeries cannot reclaim VAT.

By hiring a professional cleaner, too, you can negotiate times in which the work can be performed. For offices and institutions, this usually happens outside of working hours – meaning that upon returning to the building the next day, cleaning work will have been provided with no disruption to daily proceedings.

So why exactly is carpet cleaning important? There are three things to consider, and the first one is the prevention of mould. Carpets provide a breeding ground for mould and fungal growths, meaning that offices and medical institutions must either ensure that carpet is not used, or is cleaned thoroughly often. The warmth in the carpet is perfect for mould to grow, and in cold buildings this is perfect. Often buildings will be cold during out-of-office hours, meaning that carpets can quickly and easily become a breeding ground for mould. When these moulds do grow, skin allergies can be caused, especially to those who already sensitive skin. Furthermore, conditions like this can lead to skin infections. Naturally, businesses do not want to be responsible for this.

Professional carpet cleaning can effectively get rid of insects, too. Given that carpets trap allergens and dust, insects will be attracted to the carpet. When you allow the carpet to go without cleaning, insects can soon take up residence en-masse

Finally, professional carpet cleaning can help the carpet keeps its form. Leaving a carpet can lead to ragged edges, given that dirt particles wear the fibres. Through constant use, carpets can become unsightly.

Choose Procare commercial office cleaning services for your carpet cleaning needs, and your carpet will last for years to come.